BURKINA FASO – Abortion and unwanted pregnancies: community leaders take another look

On 12-13 April 2019, in Ouagadougou, the Coalition des Associations pour la Promotion de la Santé Sexuelle et de la Reproduction (Coalition of Associations for the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health) CAPSSR), in collaboration with the Association burkinabè pour le bien-être familial (Burkinabe Association for Family Well-Being, ABBEF), organised awareness-raising and values clarification sessions for traditional and religious leaders and organisations to encourage the transformation of community leaders’ attitudes towards unwanted pregnancies and abortion. ABBEF … Continued

BURKINA FASO – US foundation offers funding [for contraception and abortion services?]

In an article reviewing a book by a parish priest opposing contraception and abortion, we learned that on 22 August 2018, the President of the National Assembly of Burkina Faso, Alassane Bala Sakandé, received the President of the Susan Buffett Foundation, Allen Greenberg, who is said to have offered support to the Ministry of Health for its new health plan, particularly for family planning. During the visit, Nicolas Meda, Minister of Health since February 2017, … Continued

BURKINA FASO – Interview with Mariam Nonguerma/Zorome, President of the Burkinabe Association of Midwives

The extent of illegal abortion in Burkina is terrible because of the disastrous consequences of these abortions, including haemorrhage, sepsis, uterine perforation and even death. Sometimes girls come to our health centres from disastrous situations, bleeding. But when they present themselves, they do not confess that it is due to an induced abortion. And it is only following examination that one realises it was an abortion induced clandestinely. So, we do not distinguish between the … Continued

BURKINA FASO – A long road to walk to enjoy a “right”

Alice is a school student in Ouagadougou. Three years ago, she was raped at school by two of her classmates and became pregnant. She sought help from the school’s Health Officer and had a clandestine abortion. Since then, however, she is no longer in school and has suffered from sequelae – physical, psychological and legal. Yet she was eligible for a legal abortion. Lack of information, fear of stigma, slowness of judicial processes, all prevent … Continued

Burkina Faso & Benin: Lutte contre la Stigmatisation Liée à l’avortement – ABBEF/Projet Packard

  Dans le cadre de la celebration de la journée internationale du droit à l’avortement securisé. Les jeunes du Burkina et du Benin ont lancé une campagne. Faites vous vos badges à travers le lien suivant: http://www.sclz.space/SyclZhLib. Ensuite partager vos images sur cette page grâce au lien suivant https://www.facebook.com/abortion.stigma/. As part of the celebration of the International Day of the Right to Safe Abortion. Youth from Burkina Faso and Benin launched a campaign. Make your badges through the … Continued

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