Reproductive health and the politics of abortion in Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania Organized by Astrid Blystad, Karen Marie Moland, Haldis Haukanes, Getnet TadeleInternational Journal for Equity in Heath From the Introduction The papers in this thematic collection spring out of a comparative and transnational research endeavor on competing normative processes and discourses on abortion and fertility control. The project investigated how international initiatives and national policies articulate with local moralities and practices related to fertility control … Continued

MADAGASCAR: Promoting an abortion decriminalisation network

Nifin’Akanga organized this workshop on 11-13 March 2019 in Antananarivo. The main aim of the workshop was to create a national coalition for the decriminalization of abortion. There were 24 participants from seven localities in Madagascar. The meeting participants signed a charter for the creation of the “Nifin’akanga Network”, a national network whose mission is the total decriminalization of abortion in Madagascar – not only in cases of rape, incest or at-risk pregnancies. Future priorities and follow-up activities that were agreed included the announcement of the new national network, implementation of the network’s activities, the organization of a meeting with governmental and NGO partners, and better access to data on abortion. Participants were also provided with briefcases with tools to use to start workshops and advocacy activities in their localities.

THE GAMBIA: Using human rights principles to realize sexual and reproductive health & rights

Think Young Women organized this meeting on 4 May 2019.The aim was to build a critical mass of support on decriminalization of abortion in the Gambia, particularly among gender and human rights experts, women’s and youth groups, and health professionals. The 41 participants were lawyers, health professionals, and representatives of civil society organizations, international organizations and government.

FEATURE: UNFPA warns against unsafe abortions in Zambia

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has warned against unsafe abortion, which can lead to injury, disability or death among women and girls. UNFPA says there is therefore need to raise awareness among women and clinicians that there is, however, abortion legislation in Zambia that allows women to seek safe abortions at health centres. In a policy brief on “Status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Zambia”, UNFPA says safe abortions are legally … Continued

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