SPAIN – Association of Accredited Abortion Clinics of Spain says all clinics remain open

Given that abortion is recognised as an essential health service by the World Health Organization (WHO), after the declaration of a state of emergency in Spain due to COVID-19 and the reinforcement of lockdown, we want to announce that ACAI’s clinics remain open to ensure that abortion services are available to women who request it. For the time being, this is being guaranteed both through public referral and by the accredited centres. (Las clínicas acreditadas … Continued

INDIA – Lok Sabha (Parliament) debate on Medical Termination of Pregnancy Amendment Bill 2020

In India, a woman cannot decide for herself to have an abortion, rather the Act along with other laws and Acts in the country can be and are increasingly used to prevent access to safe abortion services. In the recent past, the number of cases filed in the court to access safe abortion services has increased exponentially. Recent data shows that majority (>80%) are conducted outside ‘legally approved or safe’ facilities and persons seeking abortion face a range of systemic and legal barriers, in accessing safe and legal abortion services, especially for gestational period beyond legally mandated 20 weeks….

JAMAICA – House Committee recommends conscience vote on abortion – 13 years later

The recommendation was described as the likeliest response of the 11-member committee, chaired by Opposition MP and Roman Catholic Deacon Ronald Thwaites, after listening to the divisive views of more than 70 local and overseas institutions, individuals and others for a little over two years. The recommendation said: “Your committee, being cognisant of the contending views on the subject matter, recommends a conscience vote by the members of this honourable House.” One difference of opinion … Continued

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