Welcome to the Campaign’s re-launched blog, where you can read commentary and analysis from contributors across our global network of 1400+ members in 129 countries. From the voices of grassroots activists to those of policy makers and medical practitioners, you’ll find a unique spread of authoritative perspectives on abortion rights and related issues.

Articles from the previous incarnation of our blog (2016 – 2019) are accessible here.

South Africa: a space of many contradictions – and now Covid-19 | 1 May 2020

Marion Stevens, Director of the Sexual and Reproductive Justice Coalition, reports on the unique challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa, including the impacts on safe abortion access and policy. 



The Covid-19 Lockdown: What It Means in India | 10 April 2020

The Campaign’s own Shipa Shroff, who is based in Mumbai, outlines the implications of the COVID-19 lockdown for the 1.3 billion Indians who have been ordered to stay at home, including 70.6 million living in extreme poverty.



Abortion Without Borders in the time of COVID-19 | 7 April 2020

Mara Clarke discusses the many challenges posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic on the day-to-day operation of Abortion Without Borders and the wider accessibility of abortion services in Europe.



Pratigya Campaign: overcoming access barriers to safe abortion in India | 31 March 2020

The campaign write about their work to address the barriers to women’s access to abortion services and protect women’s right to safe and legal abortions in India.

Working together to bring abortion services to Poland | 24 March 2020

Mara Clarke, Founder of the Abortion Support Network, details the work of Abortion Without Borders (AWB) since the initiative launched in December 2019 to help women access information on abortion and cross-border services.

Trans Pregnancy Conference 2020: What does reproductive justice look like for trans people? | 20 March 2020

Camila Ochoa Mendoza, member of YouAct and YANAA Committee Member reports her impressions of the conference “Trans Pregnancy: Fertility, Reproduction and Body Autonomy” held in January 2020 in Leeds, UK.