NAMIBIA – A true story of unsafe abortion & a petition to make abortion safe and legal

“N was in Grade 10 at the time (in 2010) and her parents at the village expected her to finish school and make something of her life. Due to these expectations from her loved ones and fears of stigma, N, who was living with an uncle at the time, desperately started thinking of ways to safely terminate her four-month pregnancy. “When I found out I was pregnant, I felt bad. I was in school and … Continued

BRAZIL – Covid-19 and the wounded uterus

“The news report described her as an anonymous 31-year-old woman. The subheading read: “Case happened in Bom Jesus do Norte”. From what we know, she was the first woman to die from a clandestine abortion in Brazil during the coronavirus pandemic. She was two months pregnant, according to her husband. Twice she sought help at unsafe abortion houses. She tried a hose, potassium permanganate, syringes. She died of cardiac arrest. Why did she persist? We do not know, nor do her innermost reasons matter. It is enough to know that she was a woman determined not to be forced into maternity during the pandemic.”

SLOVAKIA – Parliament set to discuss four punitive anti-abortion bills

In a new session that will run from 7-17 July, the Slovak Parliament will consider four new bills restricting access to abortion and vote whether each of them will move to a second reading, probably in September. The first bill, proposed by the majority parliamentary party, is thought to be most likely to be moved to a second reading. It proposes to change the mandatory waiting period between a request for an abortion and the … Continued

ROMANIA – Attempts to outlaw ‘gender’ as an ideological invention and again restrict sexuality education

Vying with Poland and Hungary, the Romanian Parliament passed an amendment to the National Education Law seeking to prohibit information on gender identity in schools, universities and other educational spaces. The amendment positions gender as an ideological invention and bans “theories and opinions on gender where it is a separate concept from biological sex”. The amendment would ban teachers, school counsellors, academics, doctors, social workers and non-governmental organisations from discussing topics related to gender, gender … Continued

FLORIDA USA – Parental consent or judicial bypass required for under-18s to get an abortion in Florida

On 1 July 2020, a harmful new abortion restriction went into effect in the state of Florida. Florida law had required a parent to be notified if a young person under 18 years of age was trying to get an abortion. Since 1 July, the state requires those under 18 to get consent from a parent or legal guardian before having an abortion.

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