Campaign Coordination Team

  • Marge Berer, Director of Publications and Meetings, London, UK
  • Michelle Y. Lee, Director of Development and Operations, London, UK
  • Shilpa Shroff, Director of Advocacy, Mumbai, India
  • Rachel Mantock, Social Media, London, UK
  • Christina Boateng, Administration and Finance, London, UK
  • Elise Denis-Ramirez, International Network and Projects, London, UK
  • Elena Michael, Press and Research Officer, London, UK
  • Will de Villiers, Digital Content Officer, London, UK

International Chairing Committee

  • Beverly Winikoff, President, Gynuity Health Projects
  • Susana Chavez, Executive Director, Promsex
  • George Hale, Director of Finance, Promsex

International Advisory Group

This group will be reconstituted at a meeting in October 2019.