22 November 2019. International Conference on Population & Development+25. Full text here: [English] [Portugese] [Spanish]




9 August 2018. Argentina: no turning back . Full text here




12 September 2017. A Call to All World Leaders – National and International: Stand Up ! – Support Safe Abortion ! – Make a Public Statement ! – Work with Us ! [EN]   [FR]   [ES]

1 August 2017 (updated 4 August 2017). Sexual abuse of girls followed by refusal of abortion: adding insult to injury. Full text here

6 July 2017. Miscarriage of Justice: Young Salvadoran woman sentenced to 30 years in jail for miscarriage. Full text here


28 September 2016. Participation in International Safe Abortion Day expected to be bigger than ever. Full text here

POLAND On Strike Vice Poland lead photo NL 7 Oct 2016

23 September 2016. Today is a very bad day for women in Poland. Full text here

Geraldine for website press statement17 August 2016. Abortion rights advocates call on the United Nations to make International Safe Abortion Day, 28 September, an official UN day. Full text here


23 June 2016. Dr Carlos Morin – Spanish abortion provider acquitted then convicted in a politicised re-trial. Full text here 

#JusticiaparaLC CLACAI NL 1 NL 13 May 20161 April 2016. Peruvian Government Publicly Recognises Human Rights Violations Against Rape Survivor As Part of Landmark U.N. Abortion Case. Full text here

Chile 2 demo visual 8 Mar NL 10 Mar 20163 March 2016. Abortion law reform in Chile: National support for ending complete ban is strong. Full text here

Sierra Leone video 7 NL 8 Apr 20163 March 2016. Appeal to President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone. Full text here

SL-guerrilla-campaign-image3 cropped1 February 2016. Sierra Leone Safe Abortion Act 2015: Support growing nationally and internationally for the President and Parliament to sign the Act into law. Full text here