TUNISIA – National Tunisian Women’s Day Call for an Emergency Action Plan

Today, women and the whole Tunisian people, as well as civil and democratic society, celebrate Women’s Day in an unstable health and political situation. On this 64th anniversary of the Personal Status Code, the health situation in Tunisia continues to deteriorate with regard to sexual and reproductive rights, and in particular access to contraception and abortion.

AUSTRALIA – Call to remove new telehealth restrictions imposed across Australia

Three stories from Australia, including a call to remove new telehealth restrictions imposed across the country, the closure of NSW-Victoria border crossing causing distress for women seeking abortions, and a unique South Australia legal requirement that adds hurdles for country women accessing abortions

ITALY – Italy takes first step in the direction of 21st century medical abortion guidelines

After ten long years of battles, in Italy a woman seeking an early medical abortion is no longer required to be admitted as an inpatient to hospital for three days to take the medications. The upper time limit to use medical abortion pills was extended from 7 weeks gestation to 9 weeks as well. The woman must, however, still attend an in-person appointment at a day hospital to obtain the pills. Twice?? Unclear. Where the … Continued

MEXICO – Ipas Central America & Mexico video on misoprostol watched by hundreds of thousands

In 2018, Ipas Central America and Mexico (CAM) created an informational video in Spanish on how women can safely self-manage an abortion using misoprostol, which available in most pharmacies in Mexico without a prescription. Staff started using the video to train Mexican pharmacy workers so they could advise and support women seeking abortion pills.

NORTH KOREA – Women experience gross human rights violations in the country’s detention centres

A report released by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on 28 July 2020 describes allegations of human rights violations committed against North Korea women who are detained upon being forcibly returned to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The women are said to undergo forced labour, sexual violence, forced abortion and forced infanticide in the country’s detention centres, among many other other violations. These include overcrowding, lack of sanitation, prevalence … Continued

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