INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2020 – #IStandwithHer: It is time to change the story

Twenty-five years ago, the Beijing World Conference saw an extraordinary mobilization of women’s rights defenders. Their commitment led to significant shifts and the adoption of a visionary roadmap to achieve gender equality. Countries have followed the Beijing Declaration and Programme of Action by enacting innovative laws and achieving new standards to promote women’s rights. The world has nearly attained gender parity in health and education. Maternal mortality worldwide has dropped dramatically. In many professions once … Continued

INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION – Abortion legislation and its implementation in Europe and Central Asia: The IPPF EN partner survey

The Survey looks at the relevant legislation on abortion care in 42 countries, but crucially it also explores how these laws are interpreted by providers and experienced by women and girls. It is designed to provide an overview of women’s and girls’ experience around accessing abortion care, to highlight current threats to their reproductive health and rights, to identify ‘best-fit’ practices and to stimulate further debate and research. The Survey is not a research paper, … Continued

WOMEN ENABLED INTERNATIONAL – Abortion and Disability: Towards an Intersectional Human Rights-Based Approach

Ongoing debates around fetal impairment as a legal basis for abortion act as a wedge issue between the disability rights and reproductive rights movements. These tensions are fueled both by advocacy strategies to advance abortion rights that can reinforce harmful disability-related stereotypes and by opponents of abortion rights co-opting disability rights language to impose greater restrictions on abortion access.

KENYA – The extended role of health facility cleaners in maternity care in Kenya

A growing body of evidence indicates that non-clinical health care facility staff provide support beyond their traditional roles, particularly in low- and middle-income countries. It is important to examine the role of health facility cleaners in Kenya – from their perspective – to better understand their actual and perceived responsibilities in maternity care.

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