SOUTH AFRICA – Abortion services – rural interventions and abortion counselling webinar series

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way that academics, researchers, students, activists, practitioners, and policy-makers alike can engage with one another. Instead of hosting in-person workshops, this year the event will be digital. It will consist of three online sessions over a three-week period and include panels, presentations, and breakout workshops. This online approach helps to broaden the number of guest speakers and participants who can attend, and to bridge the gap that the event seeks to address between researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and advocates.

NORTHERN TERRITORY, AUSTRALIA (A VERY IMPORTANT MODEL) – Rapid uptake of early medical abortion in the Northern Territory: a family planning-based model

Abortion law reform does not necessarily translate into services, especially for those in regional areas. Although abortion has been legal in the Northern Territory (NT) since 1974, prior to 2017 legislation change, early medical abortions (EMAs) were effectively prohibited in primary care. In July 2017, Family Planning Welfare Association of the Northern Territory (FPNT) was awarded funding to provide EMAs free of charge for Medicare eligible clients.

UGANDA – Unwanted pregnancy? Who is to blame?: A plea to young people

“Growing up in a typical African home, girls are usually told not to bring home a pre-marital pregnancy and boys not to impregnate someone’s daughter out of wedlock. This threat by parents and guardians poses a mystery to the African child of how exactly this said “evil” happens. “They are never given the full detail on how pregnancy actually happens. This points to a very large gap in sexuality education. The little information got is … Continued

ARGENTINA – The second three documentaries from the Fundación Mujeres X Mujeres

We take advantage of the international day of struggle for free, safe and legal abortion to share the second set of videos from our series of six documentaries on the “Criminalisation of abortion in Tucumán, Argentina. A report of the first three videos was published in the Campaign newsletter on 28 August 2020. – Check on the queen – Criminalisation on abortion in Tucumán: In this episode Soledad Deza and Mariana Alvarez talk about “Checking on the … Continued

COLOMBIA – Monsters under the bed

“A series of memes and messages were recently circulated throughout the Latin American continent with the aim of alerting people to an alleged movement that would be seeking to normalize pedophilia. What is behind this strategy? How and from whom should we protect children? “In groups of neighbors on WhatsApp, everyone is familiar, reasonable, and reliable. So, if the lawyer in apartment 502 shares the “news” that the World Health Organization has an initiative to … Continued

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