ETHIOPIA – Dialogues About Abortion (documentary)

***CORRECTION – 28 January 2020:*** The title of a new research documentary made in Ethiopia by Thera Mjaaland from Norway, reported in the 15 January 2020 newsletter, was wrong, as were some important details about its contents. Here is the correct title of the film with the link to it, and the first paragraph about its contents: Dialogues about abortion After screenings of a four-part edutainment drama called Choices & Consequences, where a young woman … Continued

TANZANIA – Beyond the law: misoprostol and medical abortion in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

by IH Solheim, KM Moland, C Kahabuka, AB Pembe, A Blystad Social Science & Medicine 2020(January);245. Article 112676 Abstract Misoprostol has during the past few years become an important obstetric drug used for different purposes both within and outside hospitals in Tanzania. In this paper, we analyze how misoprostol is perceived, accessed and used off-label as an abortion drug in the city and region of Dar es Salaam. The study took place from July to … Continued

IRELAND NORTH AND SOUTH – The changing landscape of abortion care: embodied experiences of structural stigma in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland

by Kathleen Broussard Social Science & Medicine 2020(January);245. Article 112686  (Not open access) Abstract The private use of abortion medication outside of the formal healthcare setting is an international phenomenon. Despite new and expanding pathways to abortion access, we know little about how women’s perceptions and experiences of abortion may also be changing. This study examines the embodied experience of 68 women who sought abortion services in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Social … Continued

SYSTEMATIC REVIEW – Primary care providers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices of medical abortion: a systematic review

by Asvini K Subasinghe, Seema Deb, Danielle Mazza BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health 2019(December)  (Open access) Abstract Background – Despite the availability of medical abortifacients, and their potential use in primary care, only a small proportion of primary healthcare professionals provide medical abortion services. Understanding the perspectives of primary care providers on delivering medical abortion is pertinent to identifying barriers to medical abortion service provision and increasing access for women globally. Objective – To understand the knowledge, … Continued

USA – Two articles in Social Science & Medicine

Emotions and decision rightness over five years following an abortion: an examination of decision difficulty and abortion stigma by Corinne H Rocca, Goleen Samari, Diana G Foster, Heather Gould, Katrina Kimport Social Science & Medicine 2020(January); Article 112704 Abstract Background – Despite weak theoretical grounding and ample research indicating women feel high levels of decision rightness and relief post-abortion, claims that abortion is inherently stressful and causes emergent negative emotions and regret undergirds state-level laws regulating abortion … Continued

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