USA – If you can punish a teenage girl for spaghetti straps, you can enforce a mask mandate

Editor’s Note: This is a funny article, and I’m sharing for two reasons. Both because we all need a good laugh and because it’s an excellent public health statement about Covid-19, and abortion, written for the “person in the street”. The Washington Post classified it under “Lifestyle”. At first, I thought that was a mistake. But I suspect that was deliberate too, to draw in readers of that section, along with the spaghetti straps. Do also read the Comments at the end. Unlike most comments, most of these are great and are sometimes a good laugh too! Marge Berer

ARGENTINA – Honour your promise: table a bill to legalise abortion in 2020

The abortion rights movement held a national action day on 8 August to call on President Alberto Fernandez to honour his promise in March to table a bill in the Congress to legalise abortion. The streets of several large Argentinian cities were covered with the slogan “Legal abortion 2020”. The same day, feminist activists mobilised on social networks by posting photographs of past actions and demonstrations, using the Campaign slogans: “Sera ley” (“It will become legal”). See for example … Continued

CANADA – Clinic 554 considers class-action lawsuit over New Brunswick government refusal to pay for abortions

Clinic 554, the only clinic in New Brunswick that provides out-of-hospital abortion care in the province, is threatened with closure at the end of September 2020 because the provincial government refuses to pay for the abortions they provide in spite of a federal law that requires them to do so. They are therefore considering bringing a class-action lawsuit against the New Brunswick government for limiting abortion access in the province. Dr Adrian Edgar, the clinic’s … Continued

IRELAND – Anti-abortion group tries to use same photos as Irish Family Planning Association

The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) has had to change the stock photos of women it uses in its promotional materials after learning that an anti-abortion group that runs a so-called crisis pregnancy service was using the same pictures to promote anti-abortion messages. For example, they used one photo to advertise “post-abortion” care, which said: “Some women may experience feelings of sadness, grief, anger and regret following an abortion.” The IFPA are concerned that pregnant … Continued

SRI LANKA – Hundreds of women risk their lives daily with illegal abortions

Achala (not her name) is bravely breaking a taboo. With poise and calm, the 36-year-old is talking about her abortion three years previously. While she is hardly alone in terminating a pregnancy, few Sri Lankan women are willing to openly discuss their experiences in a country where the issue remains legally and culturally off limits.  Sri Lanka’s abortion laws are among the most restrictive in the world and attempts at legal reform are held up … Continued

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