NAMIBIA – Voices for Choices & Rights Coalition: In-person and online protest to demand abortion rights

A petition addressed to the Honorable Dr Kalumbi Shangula, Minister of Health and Social Services, has already garnered 61,310 signatures. Here are some terrific video and visual pictures from the march in Windhoek, posted on social media by the main organiser, Voices for Choices & Rights Coalition…

SENEGAL – Reproductive health services for those who can least afford it and fighting for gender equality and women’s rights

Pregnant with her second child, a 30-year-old woman NN was enduring pelvic pain, but couldn’t afford to access antenatal care in a village on the outskirts of a small town in northeast Senegal. Her husband was unemployed and her earnings of under US$17 from selling seasonal fruits in the local market were insufficient to make ends meet. During her last antenatal visit, she was prescribed some tests, an ultrasound and medicines that would cost US$ 67. She was forced to suffer instead.

KENYA – Sexual and reproductive rights assessment & another reproductive rights bill

Privacy International has published an in-depth study with background information on sexual and reproductive rights in Kenya, informed by research carried out by KELIN, a network on legal and ethical issues, that started off working on HIV/AIDS and expanded their remit to include sexual and reproductive health and rights; key and affected populations; HIV and tuberculosis; litigation; and women, land and property rights. They advocate for the integration of constitutional and other human rights in … Continued

UNITED KINGDOM – Reflecting on the Covid-19 pandemic through the eyes of a digital SRH service

Restrictions imposed by COVID-19 on clinic-based sexual health and reproductive health services have accelerated the scaling up of digital and remote care options to maintain access to vital services during this period. SH:24, a digital sexual and reproductive health service commissioned across several areas of the UK, has been at the forefront of this digital expansion. In this report, its Managing Director, Dr Gillian Holdsworth and colleague Dr Ahimza Thirunavukarasu share their experience of scaling up at speed, managing additional demand and bringing forward new service areas:

SUPPLY CHAINS – Measuring disruption risk for supply chains

Countries around the world are adopting measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. But many of those measures, such as mandatory home confinement, restricted movement of goods and people, and even social distancing are wreaking havoc on the world’s supply chains. Some shipments are getting out, some are not, some are just collecting dust.

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