MOLDOVA – Anti-choice group from Moldova sends letter to government authorities calling for creation of crisis pregnancy centers

Throughout its over 20 years of experience, the Reproductive Health Training Center (RHTC) in the Republic of Moldova has grown accustomed to the occasional anti-choice message directed toward its activities and initiatives to promote and protect sexual and reproductive health and rights. Since launching the pilot project, “Medical abortion via telemedicine for women and adolescents in rural Moldova: breaking barriers with technology,” supported by the OPTions Initiative, these attacks have intensified. Not only has the … Continued

ALBANIA – Thousands of Albanians protest in Tirana after a minor was raped

On 4 June, thousands of people protested in the streets of Tirana. The protest, organised by a group of secondary school students, was a reaction to a rape of a 15-year old student, who was assaulted by a 65-year old former watchmen of the school she attended. Perpetrator filmed the assault and shared it with three other men, who later used the recording to blackmail the student and rape her again. According to the student’s … Continued

COVID-19 & MENTAL HEALTH – Addressing the public mental health challenge of COVID-19

Evidence suggests that pandemics, including COVID-19, are associated with an increased risk of developing mental disorder and poor mental well-being. This increase in risk is likely to be mediated by the effects of the pandemic on risk factors, including socio-economic inequalities, poverty, debt, unemployment, food insecurity, social factors, quarantine, physical distancing, and physical inactivity, all of which would also be expected to increase the risk of relapse in individuals with a mental disorder.

Securing Reproductive Justice in India: A Casebook

This book brings together judgments and orders by the Indian Supreme Court and High Courts across twelve reproductive justice issues, including maternal health, access to contraception, forced and involuntary sterilization, abortion, sexual and reproductive health rights of adolescents, employment discrimination on grounds of pregnancy or childcare. The book includes jurisprudence that facilitates securing reproductive justice and judgments that present an obstacle to its realization. It aims to provide a reference for those working on policy, advocacy, adjudication, and academic interventions around issues of reproductive justice. Each chapter includes extracts from the cases mentioned, in chronological order. It is the result of a collaboration between the Center for Reproductive Rights and the Centre for Constitutional Law, Policy, and Governance, National Law University, Delhi.

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