LATIN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN – Regional scenario of access to safe abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean in the time of pandemic

Collected excerpts from Safe Abortion in the Midst of a Pandemic, a recent presentation to SAIGE Webinar by Susana Chavez of CLACAI. Touchstones include the regional context of abortion access, the impacts of Covid-19 on the provision of essential services for women and girls, and more.

ROMANIA – At least a small improvement, one hospital more is doing abortions

In the early part of April, a group of Romanian pro-choice advocates discovered that many services for abortions on request and other ob-gyn services had been suspended in the country after a Ministry of the Interior order, due to Covid-19. On 15 April, they wrote to the Romanian Ministry of Health (MOH), calling for abortions, breastfeeding by mothers and antenatal care to be re-instated nationally as part of essential health care. On 27 April, the … Continued


“Self Managed: An Abortion Story in Eight Parts” is a podcast series that dives into the practice of self-managed abortion (SMA). They have interviewed people with wide-ranging perspectives on the medical, legal, technological, and personal questions that arise within SMA. Their vision is to build a chorus of voices that demystifies SMA in a free, user-friendly platform. The eight parts are: Part 1: A Story To Introduce Self-Managed Abortion Part 2: Choosing Self-Managed Abortion Part … Continued


The Covid-19 pandemic may cost us dearly. Not directly because of the virus, no. As Covid-19 continues to weaken health systems, other preventable diseases are once again gaining ground around the world. The “usual” figure of 2.5 million children under the age of 5 who die every six months, is already glaring. But almost 50% more? From avoidable causes? But if children are in danger, mothers are too. During the same period, 56,700 additional maternal deaths could also occur.

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