NEPAL – Government of Nepal, agencies and NGOs ensuring services for abortion remain open

The Government of Nepal pledged a long time ago that safe abortion should be free to all women at the point of use. Now, they have once again demonstrated their commitment to promoting women’s right to safe abortion. After the 23 March nationwide Covid-19 lockdown, both clients and providers found it extremely difficult or impossible to access facilities providing safe abortion, which led to most of them closing. Marie Stopes Nepal’s contact centre saw an … Continued

KENYA – How two very different NGOs in Kenya are addressing the pandemic

In a detailed blog about what may happen to access to contraceptives and abortion pills during the Covid-19 pandemic as time goes on, Saskia Hüsken of Rutgers NL gives examples of two groups Rutgers works with in Kenya whose ongoing activities, including promoting contraception and safe abortion, have been adapted and continue.  The Reproductive Health Network Kenya(RHNK) has been campaigning for personal protective equipment for all Kenyan health workers. On 14 April, they describe a … Continued

AFRICA – One million coronavirus tests to be rolled out across Africa

More than 1 million coronavirus tests will be rolled out in Africa from next week to address a gap in assessing the number of cases on the continent, the head of the African Union’s health body has said. In an online briefing to journalists on 16 April, John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Centres for Disease Control, said some 15 million tests may be required across Africa in the next three months, the Associated Press reported. … Continued

USA – A short history of the US rejection of many UN agencies, not just WHO

Along with many others, the Campaign wishes to denounce the decision of Donald Trump to withdraw US funding from the World Health Organization with no justification. Others have spelled out the many negative consequences that will follow. We would like to place his announcement in an historical context. Trump has systematically withdrawn US government support from other United Nations agencies, begun by others before him. But he clearly has a policy of doing so agency … Continued

POLAND: STOP PRESS! – Women in Poland stopped it again!! Hooray!!!!

The anti-abortion and anti-sexuality education bills were not rejected by the Polish parliament, more than half the MPs voted against rejecting them. But, as in 2017, they were not formally tabled or debated either – instead, both will be forwarded to governmental committees for “further work”. As in 2017, this means that there is still a chance of them being introduced, but any decision whether to do so was postponed indefinitely. SOURCE: E-mail, Astra Network, … Continued

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