CROATIA – “We cannot allow sex education to be put into the hands of theologians and nuns”

Officially, Croatian women can exercise the right to abortion liberally. But Croatia is a country with an active anti-abortion movement where, under pressure from the Church, few doctors are willing to implement the law. According to a study by the private television company RTL, six out of ten gynaecologists refuse to do abortions and five of the country’s 27 public hospitals also refuse. Then there are so-called prayer groups (like in the USA, says the … Continued

SOUTH KOREA – Rally for abortion rights as Constitutional Court ruling is anticipated for this month

On 30 March, women’s rights activists took to the streets in central Seoul calling for the decriminalisation of abortion, a step that is necessary to protect women’s health and reproductive rights. The Constitutional Court is expected to rule this month on whether to uphold the restrictive law or rule that it is unconstitutional. The current law, from 1953, called the Mother and Child Health Law, says abortion is legal when the woman’s health is at … Continued

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