JORDAN – Imprisoned Women, Stolen Children: Policing of Sex, Marriage and Pregnancy in Jordan

Amnesty International has launched this report in Amman, Jordan, alongside its partner organisation Solidarity is Global Institute. The report documents how the Jordanian authorities are imprisoning women where they are perceived to have disobeyed male family members or are accused of sex outside of marriage; how the police take women found to be “absent from home without permission” for invasive and humiliating “virginity tests”, especially where male family members demand it; and how the authorities are systematically removing children born to unmarried women and taking them into state care.

ARGENTINA – Usos imprevistos y respuestas a la objeción de conciencia en el aborto legal

Conscientious objection is an exceptional legal condition. As a general rule, the legal system demands and aspires to obedience to the rules by everyone whose position obliges them to do so. Conscientious objection is an unusual case in which the State allows a person to exempt themselves from a legal obligation because of their moral convictions, provided that they meet the requirements of the law and follow the procedures laid down, and do not violate the rights of affected third parties. Conscientious objection emerged as a way to protect religious and cultural minorities, who are usually ignored by the provisions of the laws.

RIGHT TO LIFE (WOMEN’S) – Lives in danger: extrajudicial killings and the denial of abortion

by Jihan Jacob Rappler, 29 July 2019  For the past three years, a slate of extrajudicial killings has been committed as part of the government’s anti-illegal drug campaign. Thousands have gone missing or have been killed, prompting the United Nations Human Rights Council to adopt a resolution condemning these acts. It urged the country to prevent more killings, conduct investigations, and ensure accountability. Government officials who are sympathetic to the campaign have attempted to undermine those who … Continued

SWEDEN – The midwife case and conscientious objection: new ways of framing abortion in Sweden

By examining the arguments presented in courts and in print media to support and oppose the introduction of conscientious objection for healthcare workers in Sweden, this article illustrates the ways in which interest groups may take advantage of expanding opportunity structures in the wake of internationalization, all the while framing their arguments in ways that create resonance with national and nationalist discourses.

USA – Criminalization of Pregnancy and Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice

Criminalization and Civil Punishment of Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcomes  & Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), along with allies, have provided these two joint submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Council for its Universal Periodic Review of the USA in October 2019. Both are designed to inform the UN about the human rights record of the USA. NAPW has participated in this process in the past, and continues to … Continued

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