NSW Australia – Abortion bill due to be debated this week

The Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill, pending in the New South Wales (NSW) parliament, has attracted widespread support. It was due to be debated last week but was delayed to this week after anti-abortion MPs complained that they hadn’t had time to prepare themselves. The bill primarily seeks to remove three sections of the NSW Crimes Act that criminalise “attempting to procure an abortion by administering drugs or using instruments or other means”. If passed, … Continued

CHILE – Chilean feminist organisations called for a demonstration against racism and for free, safe, and legal abortion

Feminist organisations in Chile called an anti-racist march for free and legal abortions for 25 July 2019 in celebration of the International Day of Black Latin American and Caribbean Women, as a joint effort to raise all voices against attacks suffered by migrant women and women with African roots in Chile. Hashtag: #AbortamosRacismo “This year we were able to sit down and talk with Afro-Caribbean organizations, which are present in our country, to say that … Continued

PHILIPPINES – Mylene was a young doctor who was raped by a local politician who paid for her education…

…After finding out she was pregnant, she attempted to self-induce an abortion, since Philippine law forbids abortion even when pregnancy results from sexual violence. Mylene died from complications of the unsafe abortion and her inability to access emergency care. Mylene is not alone. Hundreds of thousands of Filipinas face similar situations, and due to the country’s outdated criminal law, they too are at risk of dying from unsafe abortions. There is no conflict between allowing … Continued

NIGERIA – Not left out of the global rollback of sexual and reproductive rights

A few weeks ago, police officers conducted a raid on a Marie Stopes clinic in Lagos. They harassed patients, temporarily detained a doctor, and illegally accessed confidential documents. Immediately following this deeply unnerving attack, which came on the trail of other anti-rights incidents involving state agents, a group of Nigerian feminists, women’s rights campaigners and LGBTQI+ activists came together to ask, “what is going on?”. In the course of the digital conversation that ensued, a … Continued

RÉUNION/FRANCE – Proposal to include the right to abortion in the Constitution of France

The island of Réunion, east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa, is still a territory of France. Now, 50 members of the French National Assembly, including three from Réunion, have proposed that the right to abortion should be included in the French Constitution. The French abortion law, the Veil Law, dates back to 1975, passed under Health Minister Simone Veil. Among the reasons that may hinder access to legal … Continued

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