EL SALVADOR – “You are not alone!” El Salvador Supreme Court quashes 30-year sentence for miscarriage

Evelyn walked out of the prison on 15 February 2019 to chants of “You are not alone!” She had been convicted of aggravated homicide in July 2017 and sentenced to 30 years, although she had had a stillbirth. During her original trial, she said she had been repeatedly raped by someone in a gang and did not even realise she was pregnant. A high school student at the time, she gave birth in the toilet … Continued

CATHOLIC CHURCH – Priest’s daughter welcomes Vatican disclosure of clergy who have children

Sarah Thomas, a young woman who learned she was the daughter of a priest when she was 12 years old, has interviewed people all over the world whose fathers are Catholic clergy. During the week of the Vatican meeting on child sexual abuse, she told CBC Radio, the Vatican had confirmed the existence of a document that outlines how to deal with Catholic clergy who break their vow of celibacy and father children. The document apparently says … Continued

NORTHERN IRELAND – 62,000 people signed a petition supporting legal abortion in Northern Ireland

On 26 February 2019, 28 women walked over Westminster Bridge to the UK Parliament in solidarity with the 28 women who every week have to fly from Northern Ireland to the rest of the UK for an abortion. The women included actors Siobhan McSweeney and Nicola Coughlan, stars of the hit television show Derry Girls. The march called for the extension of abortion rights to Northern Ireland. Their suitcases contained sheets of paper with the … Continued

SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Abortion law ready for reform

The Hon. Tammy Franks (Green Party): “I rise today to speak about a woman’s right to choose, to say let’s have a conversation about abortion law reform. “I introduce this bill because our current abortion law, which was written in 1969 and was once progressive and leading the nation, is no longer fit for purpose. It acts as a barrier to the provision of best health care, … [especially] for women living in rural and … Continued

KENYA – Vigil commemorating the life of Caroline Mwatha and the lives of women and girls lost due to unsafe abortion and those living with abortion-related disabilities, 21 February 2019

We are calling upon Kenyans of goodwill to join us in commemorating the life of Caroline Mwatha, who until her untimely demise was a wife, a mother and a celebrated human rights defender in her community. Unsafe abortions are one of the main causes of maternal deaths in Kenya. As at 2014, unsafe abortions accounted for 35 percent of the maternal deaths in Kenya, far beyond the global average of 13 percent. It has been … Continued


GIRE is the principal source of the latest information on reproductive justice in Mexico, often cited by lawmakers, media, allied organizations, and academics. In 2018, we found innovative ways to address our priority issues, including the criminalization of abortion, an agenda for the new government with reproductive rights proposals, a research study into the lack of transparency surrounding adoption in Mexico and extensive report on the state of reproductive justice in Mexico.

PETITION: PLEASE SIGN!! Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Universal Health Coverage

World leaders are preparing for several high level meetings this year. One is the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage in September. In preparation for this meeting, the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) is circulating a global call to action calling for comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) policies and health care packages to be included as an essential part of Universal Health Coverage. Safe abortion is listed … Continued

USA – Trump failed to destroy Planned Parenthood one way, so now he’s trying another

Donald Trump has once more managed to create new obstacles for US women seeking abortions, by forbidding family planning clinics that are funded from public money from making abortion referrals or being housed in the same location as abortion providers. This new regulation has just been instituted by the so-called Health and Human Services Department. Trump has declared war against the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and if he has to use something unconstitutional or … Continued

MALAWI – Abortion law reform bill in Malawi supported by religious leaders – again

In January 2016, the Africa Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights called for national laws on abortion to comply with its regional treaty agreements under the Maputo Protocol. In July 2016, the then new Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians of Malawi backed abortion law reform. and a report said that politicians, academics and civil society organisations were calling for speedy abortion law reform in the country because of the high rates of mortality and morbidity from … Continued

LATIN AMERICA – Muerte o Carcel: Persecución y Sanción por Aborto

This publication looks at cases in six countries in the region – Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic and Mexico – where pregnancy may just as well have been the result of forced sex or when abortion was spontaneous, not induced. In these countries it is not just women, girls and adolescents who are prosecuted but also providers of services. The publication aims to serve as a guide to activists and defenders of sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America and provide juridical arguments for responding to criminal prosecutions.

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