CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY TREATY/GENDER – New draft of crimes against humanity treaty removed the out-of-date definition of gender

In June 2019, the International Law Commission (ILC) officially adopted a new draft of the crimes against humanity (CAH) treaty that removed the definition of gender. This success affirmed that the rights of women, LGBTIQ persons, and other marginalized groups are protected in international law. The Commission has now released its final report for the year, which includes the latest draft of the CAH treaty and the Commission’s legal commentary. The latest draft does not … Continued

LATIN AMERICA – Concentrating on what really matters

Latin America is going through a complex time. Conservatism and the anti-rights agenda is growing in a sustained and dangerous way. The sexual and reproductive rights of women, the fundamental rights of LGTBIQ people, and the development of an education free from prejudice and violence are at risk. The increase in evangelical churches and their strategic alliance with the most conservative factions of the Catholic Church allows them to infiltrate our parliaments and senators, influence … Continued

POLAND – The Abortion Dream Team

Poland has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the European Union, and in practice, it is all but banned. But four women, nicknamed the “Abortion Dream Team,” are pushing back, holding workshops around the country teaching women how to obtain and self-manage a medical abortion. The Abortion Dream Team’s approach – practical assistance and public provocation – is a bare-knuckled challenge to Poland’s contradictory abortion regime, in which abortion is barely accessible, rarely … Continued

CHINA – One Child Nation: documentary film

Filmmakers Nanfu Wang and Jialing Zhang provide a very personal history of China’s one-child policy and how several generations of parents and children have been affected by the enforced policy of one-child families from 1979 to 2015. This powerful and controversial documentary, in English and Mandarin, shows the policy to be a cruel and tragic experiment in big-government meddling in the composition of families by the state whose after-effects persist. Women were forced to have … Continued

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