ICPD – Prof Mahmoud Fathalla talks about ICPD at 25 and the changes he has seen over his career

This month, FIGO celebrates 65 years as a federation committed to improving the health and wellbeing of every woman worldwide. Professor Mahmoud F Fathalla, FIGO Past President 1994-1997, has spent his career documenting, researching and advocating for women’s health and rights. Here, he reflects on the changes, challenges and vision for FIGO’s future. “Across the decades of my career, I have seen how international approaches to critical issues of women’s health – particularly reproductive health and choice – have changed. The … Continued


1. Critical gains despite backlash Joint statement by the Center for Reproductive Rights, Sexual Rights Initiative, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, Plan International, Choice for Youth and Sexuality, ARROW, Coalition of African Lesbians, Federation for Women and Family Planning, IPPF, RFSU and AWID on the outcome of the 41st session of the Human Rights Council.  The undersigned organizations applaud the Human Rights Council for upholding the strongest standards of women’s and girls’ rights … Continued

GIBRALTAR – A referendum on a better abortion law set for Gibraltar March 2020

The government of Gibraltar went back on its promise to make Gibraltar’s abortion law compliant with the Human Rights set out by the UK Supreme Court. Instead they have decided to put changing the abortion law to a public referendum. As the people of Ireland will be able to tell them, a public referendum will mean people who have had abortions being called upon to tell their “stories” in order to be judged by their … Continued

CROATIA – Croatian women are accessing abortions in Slovenia

In February 2019, we reported that the cost of an abortion in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) was two times lower than in Croatia, and that some women from Croatia were consequently deciding to have an abortion in BiH. Now, a recent investigation has found that Croatian women who live near the border with Slovenia are crossing that border for abortions too, in spite of the fact that both countries have a similar abortion law. The … Continued

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