People imprisoned for abortion around the world: Who, where and under what law?

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Click on a flag to learn the legal status of abortion and who is in prison in that country. Information is presented in a web-based form, focusing on data and known cases of imprisonment. You can also access a longer article which analyses the background of the criminalisation of abortion in your chosen country (or find it at the bottom of this page!).

Reports were last updated 28 April 2017 unless otherwise stated.

We urge anyone with new information on trials and imprisonment for abortion in their country to get in touch with us at

With few exceptions, most countries’ criminal laws contain restrictions on the grounds on which an abortion is legal, up to what stage of pregnancy, who can determine whether an abortion is legal, who is permitted to provide abortion services, and the punishments for violating these restrictions.

At the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion, we are researching trials and imprisonment of women and abortion providers. Campaign members have already done a good deal of research to uncover existing cases of women and abortion providers imprisoned. Many of these researchers are also actively involved in working for the release of women and abortion providers from prison and for abortion law reform. You can find the country reports we have published so far below: