INDIA – Three stories of doctors trying to withhold or discourage safe abortion

When women who approach doctors are denied abortion, they are forced to find a safe abortion some other way. The result? Unsafe abortion is the third leading cause of maternal mortality in India. For her first termination of pregnancy, Aishwarya (not her name) had gone to a gynaecologist, but was denied by the one she saw, a woman. The doctor appeared to referred her to a colleague, who turned out to be an IVF specialist. … Continued

EL SALVADOR – Beatriz, who brought El Salvador’s abortion ban to the world stage in 2013, has died following a motorcycle accident

    “Beatriz was our friend, a warrior, who never stopped fighting for her life,” said the Agrupación Ciudadana por la Despenalización del Aborto, in a statement. Beatriz Garcia, whose fight against El Salvador’s draconian prohibitions on abortion moved the country – and the world – in 2013, died on 8 October from complications after a motorcycle accident a few days earlier. “Beatriz” had struggled to terminate a life-threatening pregnancy in 2013; she suffered from … Continued

NAURU – Three pregnant refugees and nearly 50 others denied medical transfers

Asylum seekers and refugees seeking abortions surgery and other treatment have been prevented from having overseas transfers for health care by a Nauru hospital committee. The Pacific islands of Nauru and Manus Island were opened in 2012 as detention centres for offshore processing of asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat. According to the Guardian: “They have been plagued by allegations of violence, including murder; sexual predation of men, women and, in particular, children; … Continued

LATIN AMERICA – A region where the reality of abortion remains dramatic

  The partial decriminalisation of abortion in Chile is a small step forward in a region with more than two million illegal abortions a year. Abortion remains one of the great taboo issues in Latin America. The termination of pregnancy is defined as a crime in almost all national legislation and its recent decriminalization in Chile on three grounds has not reopened the debate in other countries in the region. Yet the gap between the … Continued

Jindal-Ipas joint consultation deliberates on abortion for under-18s in India

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Ms Medha Gandhi, Director-Policy, Ipas Development Foundation, India, said, “We hear incidents where women especially minor girls are denied safe abortion services very often quoting reporting requirements under POCSO as being very complicated. If she is denied access at a public facility or approved private facility, she is likely to reach a backstreet provider who in all likelihood is not going to provide safe abortion services, since most of these backstreet service providers are not trained and equipped for this.”

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