USA – Over 200 state legislators announce their commitment to advance abortion rights and reproductive justice in state capitals

Just a few days before the 45th anniversary of the US Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, the State Innovation Exchange (SiX) announced the launch of the Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council, a national network of US state legislators committed to leadership on reproductive rights. State capitals have been central to the fight over reproductive freedom in recent years, and now, over 200 state legislators from 40 of the US’s 50 states have … Continued

Here’s what it’s like to get an illegal abortion: Latin America

BuzzFeed Health asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to write about their abortions. The form was shared widely and translated into multiple languages. They received over 1,200 responses to the English form alone. They published nine of the stories. Here are a few excerpts: I did it with pills (misoprostol)… No one should have to go through this alone, so I studied hard and I became like an underground expert in abortion…When I was 16 … Continued

It didn’t take long for it to come out: personal experience from South Africa

The young woman started undressing while the man prepared the medication, breaking one tablet in half. She took off her jeans and her panties and lowered herself on to the mattress on the floor. The man put on a pair of white surgical gloves, then got down on his knees at the foot of the makeshift bed. He slowly pushed the tablets into her vagina. The 23-year-old woman was lying in a flat in downtown … Continued

Video from the Philippines showing refusal of care and stigma after unsafe abortion

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A young, married woman has an unsafe abortion in an illegal clinic. She is taken by her husband to the public hospital, where she is admitted and made to wait eight hours before she is attended by a doctor. She is feverish and bleeding. The doctor refuses to treat her, saying that they don’t do abortions in that hospital and abortion doesn’t happen in the hospital. A researcher describes the painful experience of illegal abortion and its consequences of poor treatment, verbal abuse and failure to receive care.

Ireland: Listener sends a powerful response to a radio talk show discussion on abortion following rape

Founder of the Irish Abortion Survivors Network, Melissa Ohden, on a radio show outlined her belief that abortion should not be allowed in cases of rape. Her comments were met with a passionate reaction from both sides of the issue, as listeners tweeted and texted into the show. Read this response on the importance of choice.

People’s Tribunal to examine cases of three women imprisoned after losing babies and call for redress

In El Salvador, three cases of women unfairly convicted under anti-abortion laws are coming under renewed scrutiny after a campaign by reproductive right activists and relatives of the imprisoned women. However, in March yet another Salvadorean woman was jailed for an abortion she did not commit.

Burma’s deadly abortion taboo

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Original story by Kimberley Phillips 30 March 2016 “One of my friends is five weeks pregnant. She is uneducated and poor. Her boyfriend ran away when she told him that she was pregnant. She’s crying and helpless. She’s thinking about abortion with an unlicensed nurse. It’s too dangerous for her… It’s been five weeks.” This is an email that Women on Web received last year from a distressed woman in Burma, a country where abortion … Continued

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