16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM – Global Call to Action against Violence against Women

25 November – 10 December 2018 The 16 Days Campaign has a new orientation, expanding the focus from a short two-week burst of energy to a sustained engagement with a targeted global advocacy goal: ensuring that the International Labour Organization (ILO) adopts a legally binding convention to end gender-based violence in the world of work in June 2019 and then ensuring that governments ratify the convention, and implement it. These efforts are meant to complement … Continued

SENEGAL – Knowledge and provision of misoprostol among pharmacy workers in Senegal: a cross-sectional study

Knowledge and availability of misoprostol in pharmacies in Senegal is low, posing potential challenges for delivery of post-abortion care and obstetric care. Training is required to address low levels of knowledge of misoprostol registration and uses among pharmacy workers.


AWID calls for signatures on Binding Treatment Statement This week, feminists and social movements from around the world are coming to the UN in Geneva to demand for a binding treaty that could potentially stop corporations from abusing human rights. It’s critical that we leverage our collective power to centre women’s rights in the binding treaty.   Please sign the #Feminist4BindingTreaty statement to tell the UN that corporate impunity and abuse must end.

BRAZIL – Hearing & Festival in Pictures

On 1 August, we shared a press release from Anis-Institute of Bioethics announcing the hearing in the Supreme Court on abortion on 3 & 6 August and the festival for women’s lives on 3-6 August in Brazil. Below are translations of two articles we found on the web and a few of the photographs we have received from colleagues so far. We hope to share further reports later this week.   The hearing: 3 & … Continued

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