USA – Abortion ‘reversal’: the latest sham from anti-choice activists trying to end women’s rights

Use of medical abortion pills has steadily risen in the US, now representing almost half of all abortions. Medical abortion has the potential to radically transform the way patients access and experience abortion by moving it out of a clinic and more directly into the hands of the user. It also challenges the anti-abortion movement’s long-standing strategy of demonizing clinicians who do surgical abortions and the instruments they use.

COLOMBIA – Objectión de Consciencia Institutional? Impacto en la Prestación de Servicios de Interrupción Voluntaria de Embarazo: Memorias

The second regional seminar on “Institutional conscientious objection: its impact on the provision of services for termination of pregnancy” took place in Bogotá on 4-5 August 2016. The seminar was the result of a collective effort by a group of national and regional organizations in Latin America who for several years have been promoting an interdisciplinary dialogue to identify the extent of this practice and its effects in the exercise of women’s reproductive rights and the provision of legal abortion services.

WOMEN HELP WOMEN – Supporting Independent Use of Abortion Medicines: fighting stigma one email at a time

Although self-management of medical abortion presents enormous potential for the empowerment of women, the experience of individual women in countries where abortion is legally restricted often remains deeply stigmatized, despite the availability of safe abortion pills. It builds on other forms of discrimination and structural injustices. Ultimately, abortion stigma serves to marginalize an essential medical process, discredit those who would provide or procure it, and undermine those who advocate for its legality and accessibility.

CAMEROON – Every woman has a story: this is the story of my life, my choice, my right

Everyone has the right to quality reproductive healthcare services and facilities. This is enshrined in the United Nations #UDHR, #ICPD_PoA, #MaputoProtocol. Yet, women & girls’ access to these rights, particularly their access to safe abortion, is often faced with barriers, legally and or socio-culturally.

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