Nine years of decriminalisation of abortion in Mexico City: video When talking about September 28th, International Day for the Decriminalisation of Abortion, we must talk about Mexico City and its nine years of decriminalisation, and also that we have safe procedures for legal termination of pregnancy in safe conditions, with the high standard of services and methods required, from trained health service providers and nurses. Watch this video, Esto es Un Motivo, which tells you … Continued

BRAZIL: Finadas do Aborto e Frente Estadual pela Descriminalização do Aborto do Rio de Janeiro

Flashmob for 28 September 35 fabulous photographs on Flickr. The groups walked around with their placards in this busy square, which was full of people out for the evening, and they set up a table where people could write a short message in memory of women who had died from unsafe abortions.

ARGENTINA: Red de Acceso al Aborto Seguro

1st Latin American meeting of public providers of safe and legal abortions: report REDAAS is a non-profit network of health and legal professionals linked to public health and  community services in Argentina, who are committed to accompanying and assisting women in seeking a legal abortion, understanding this to be part of our professional ethical and legal duty. On 28 September, we think it important to tell you about the 1st Latin American meeting of public … Continued

NICARAGUA: Police arrest human rights defenders at peaceful protest

On 28 September, International Day for the Decriminalisation of Abortion, defenders of human rights protested in front of the National Assembly of Nicaragua, demanding that the Nicaraguan state allow women to exercise their right to decide over their own bodies. The activists held banners with the slogan “Illegal abortion = state violence”, and wore T-shirts with the slogan “Stop killing women”. They symbolically spilled red paint to signify the blood of those women who have … Continued

POLAND: Polish women on strike

Today, 3 October, Polish women are going on a strike as a sign of protest. Inspired by women of Iceland who went on strike over a range of gender equality issues in 1975, this strike is strictly in reaction to the Polish government’s attempts to further tighten the already very restrictive law on abortion. It is a completely grassroots initiative, people are discussing possible activities and potential moves via internet, planning protests and street actions … Continued

SRI LANKA Youth Advocacy Network

YANSL – Youth Advocacy Network Sri Lanka conducted an online campaign busting myths that surround abortion and also joined the #StepintoOurShoes Campaign calling upon women and girls to voice their struggles for reproductive justice. They invited quotes emphasizing the importance of safe abortion, stats in Sri Lanka, and real stories related to unsafe and illegal abortion.


YouthCANN Youth Champions Advocacy Network Nepal conducted a Flashmob along with Bhaktapur Youth Information Forum demanding universal access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, including safe abortion, that respects their rights to privacy and confidentiality and are easily accessible, elimination of violence, coercion and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

JAMAICA: Youth Act, IPPF and Ipas

Ipas partnered with IPPF on a guest blog series published on our Tumblr page. The bloggers were youth based in Latin America and the Caribbean discussing the importance of access for youth to safe, legal abortion. These can be found here: Perspectives on the right and access to abortion in Jamaica Youth Act 28 September 2016 (español)

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