NORTHERN IRELAND – The North is now!!! Northern Ireland abortion law reformed midnight 21 October 2019

Congratulations to everyone!!!! At midnight on 21 October 2019, Sections 58 & 59 of the Offences against the Person Act 1861 were repealed in Northern Ireland. Marriage equality became law too!!! The abortion law has been in place in Great Britain since 1967 but was never extended to Northern Ireland, and thousands of women and girls were barred from accessing abortions at home and with dignity. Alliance for Choice NI put out a press release … Continued

NORTHERN IRELAND – Northern Ireland abortion law breaches human rights, High Court in Belfast rules

The ruling, on 3 October 2019, was on a case brought by Sarah Ewart, 29, who was denied a termination in 2013 despite an ultrasound scan showing that the fetus she was carrying would not survive. She was forced to travel to England to terminate her pregnancy, and she took this case seeking to ensure that no other woman would have to go through that. “This must be the last time a woman is put … Continued

NORTHERN IRELAND – UK Parliament includes two amendments in a multi-purpose bill on Northern Ireland that extends the same rights to abortion and same-sex marriage as in the rest of the UK

The UK House of Commons voted on 9 July by 332 for and 99 against to extend access to abortion to Northern Ireland, bringing them in line with the rest of the UK. A similarly large majority passed an amendment allowing same-sex marriage. The motion passed says that the government must lift the ban in the province if a new Northern Ireland executive is not in place by 21 October 2019, something no one thinks … Continued

GOOGLE: USA, UK, IRELAND – Update to Google Healthcare and Medicines Policy on Abortion (June 2019)

“In June 2019, the Google Ads healthcare and medicines policy for abortion will be updated with the following requirements for advertisers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland: Advertisers who want to run ads using keywords related to getting an abortion will first need to be certified as an advertiser that either provides abortions or does not provide abortions. To get certified, advertisers must submit an application where they self-declare as an organization that … Continued

NORTHERN IRELAND – The video of the song

The song _4284_ / I’m A Life, is Janet’s account of her journey to England for an abortion. The title reflects both her own words and also highlights the numbers who travelled from Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland to access abortions in 2015. Her words; “You can try and shame me, but you forgot I’m a life…” remind us how the damaging rhetoric of those in power continue to control the lives and bodies of women and pregnant people in Northern Ireland.

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