Irish Citizens’ Assembly deluged with views on Constitutional reform and has a very wide range of views itself

In mid-2016, a Citizens’ Assembly was initiated by the Irish Government to consider the views of the country on the future of the eighth amendment to the Constitution, which gives equal right to life to an embryo/fetus as to the woman carrying it. On 8 January, the Irish Times reports that the group discussed for the first time what their eventual recommendations on possible changes to the law might look like.

Ireland: Our fight for abortion rights will go global

“We are Irish and our literature, poetry and music is read, recited and sung in countries that many of us will never even visit. We are Ireland, a tiny island making waves the whole world over. We’re Irish and we leave our sisters, our friends, our daughters, scared and alone in budget hotel rooms in London, Luton and Liverpool, because exporting a problem across the water is easier than dealing with it ourselves.”

Inaugural meeting of Irish Citizens’ Assembly to consider legal restrictions on abortion

The inaugural meeting of the Citizens’ Assembly has decided to hold four weekend-long meetings on the constitutional restrictions on abortion before submitting a report to legislators. The Prime Minister Enda Kenny said the issues the assembly will be discussing are “beyond party politics…deeply complex, hugely challenging and profoundly ethical”.

Repealing the 8th Amendment won’t be enough, according to Irish Children’s Minister and two senior legal figures

Ireland’s Children’s Minister, Katherine Zappone, believes that only offering abortions in cases of incest, rape and fatal fetal abnormality would “do nothing at all for most women in Ireland”. She argued that “Winning a referendum requires… a good knowledge base, factual counter-points to misinformation, and a large and organised canvassing effort across the entire country with clear and broad political support… Right now, only a limited referendum to allow for abortion in cases of risk to life, rape, incest, and fatal fetal abnormality seems able to muster those ingredients for success

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