GERMANY – Her court case exposed Germany’s abortion laws for a new generation of activists

In 2017, Kristina Hänel (photo, right), a German doctor, age 63, became a cause celebre. She is a doctor who offers abortion services, and as others before her, she was fined €6,000 for “advertising” this service on her website. We reported this when it first happened. What sets Hänel apart today is her ongoing battle against paying the fine, which she says she will take all the way to the European Court of Human Rights. … Continued

GERMANY – Actions in over 30 cities: Take abortion out of the Criminal Code!

For the first time, people in more than 30 cities took action for International Safe Abortion Day. The Bündnis für Sexuelle Selbstbestimmung (Alliance for Sexual Self-Determination) is a coalition of voluntary groups in Germany. Activities for 28 September were organised by the Pro-Choice Coalition, Pro-Choice_DE, which consists of groups throughout Germany, that have been popping up over the past year due to current pro-choice struggles. In Köln, people gathered in front of the main station and … Continued

GERMANY – Higher court overturns abortion “advertising” conviction

Dr Kristina Haenel was fined € 6,000 euros in 2017 by a court in Giessen after stating on her website that she carried out abortions. That simple statement was said to violate the legal ban on “advertising” abortion, which carried a fine or a prison sentence of up to two years. A higher court in Frankfurt has overturned a doctor’s conviction for advertising abortions after the government loosened its regulations on the issue, but for … Continued

GERMANY – German court fines two more doctors over abortion ‘advertising’

On 14 June 219, a German court found two more doctors who had put a simple announcement on their practice website to say they provided abortion services guilty of breaking the law, and fined them each €2,000. The government earlier this year had lifted a blanket ban on doctors announcing the availability of abortion services on their websites, because of the public uproar over a previous case. Under the supposedly eased rules, gynaecologists, hospitals and … Continued

GERMANY – Doctors now allowed to say they provide abortions, but that’s all

On 6 February 2019, the German Cabinet approved a compromise amendment to the Penal Code on “advertisement of abortion” and on 21 February, the Parliament approved the amendment. It allows doctors to state in websites/literature describing their health services that they provide abortion services. But they are still prohibited from providing any further information. The Social Democratic Party and opposition parties had wanted to remove the paragraph from the Penal Code altogether, but Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) … Continued

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