FRANCE: STOP PRESS – French High Council for Equality between Women and Men recommends a constitutional right to access contraception and abortion

The French Haut Conseil à l’Egalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes (High Council on Equality between Women and Men) is an independent, national consultative body charged with the protection of the rights of women and the promotion of equality between the sexes. It was created in 2013 and is composed of 72 members representing the diversity of individuals who support gender equality. Their remit is to share their expertise with the public authorities, involve … Continued

FRANCE / GERMANY – TV documentary on the anti-abortion movement in Europe

Franco-German television channel ARTE has released a feature-length documentary today as a contribution to International Women’s Day, focusing on the anti-abortion movement in Europe. It is entitled, in French, “IVG : Les croisés contre-attaquent” (Abortion: The crusaders counter-attack). It is 95 minutes and has a number of revelations about the anti-choice movement in Europe. For example, it follows a number of women in Italy and Hungary who would like to have an abortion, but who … Continued

FRANCE: CYTOTEC WITHDRAWAL ! – Consequences for African countries close to France of the imminent withdrawal of Cytotec (misoprostol) from the market in France

It seems Pfizer’s decision to withdraw Cytotec (their brand of misoprostol) in France has been ill-thought out. The reason given was that in October 2017 they received reports that its off-label use for induction of labour had caused complications in a few women. We reported at that time that they had the agreement of the French drug regulatory agency ANSM to stop marketing Cytotec in France altogether, even though no problems have ever been reported about … Continued

FRANCE- Cytotec off the market in France from March 2018

    It has been reported in Le Monde and the Lancet that the pharma company Pfizer will withdraw Cytotec (its brand of misoprostol) from the market in France on 1 March 2018. From what we can gather, here is what has happened: Last year, some women in France complained that an obstetrician had used Cytotec to induce labour, that it had been very painful and that they had had a lot of side effects. This … Continued

France: Marches and demonstrations across France

  Mobilisations and actions are planned for cities and towns all over France. Demonstrations and marches will take place on 28 September from 5.30pm to 7pm, depending on the city with hangers, needles and banners. Congregating in: Paris in Place de la Republique Marseille in the Old Port Toulouse in front of the Hôtel Dieu Saint-Jacques La Rochelle place de Verdun Saint -Brieuc place Salvador-Allende Montpellier place de la Comédie With more taking place in … Continued

France: Three events for 28 September in Toulouse

Le Collectif de défense de l’IVG is organising three activities in the Haute Garonne in response to the European call for the right to safe abortion and for the International Day of Action for Safe Abortion on 28 September. On 23 September, there will be a demonstration leaving from the Allées Jean-Jaurès at 15:00 hours. It will be followed by an evening/debate at 19:00 hours at l’Espace des Diversités (38 rue d’Aubuisson). On 28 September … Continued

FRENCH POLYNESIA – Open Letter to Brigitte Macron (First Lady, France) from En Marche French Polynesia branch

  This open letter from women in the political party En Marche to the First Lady of France asserts the right of women in French Polynesia and New Caledonia to equal treatment in respect of French abortion law and policy as applies in France itself. The letter arose from a 19 July 2017 reform of the French health law with regard to abortion, which initially extended the reforms to French Polynesia and New Caledonia, but … Continued

FRANCE – Emmanuel Macron includes women’s rights among the priorities of his development policy

  On 5 September 2017, along with four government Ministers, met with a small delegation of French NGOs on the subjects of climate change and development issues. On 5 September 2017, President Macron of France received a delegation of NGOS to exchange views on the issue of development. The agenda included the question of the rights of women.   Aurélie Gal-Régniez, Director of Equipop reports: “We wanted to challenge him on two points: the need … Continued

French government moves to ban misleading anti-abortion websites

The French National Assembly has passed a law outlawing the promotion of false and misleading information about abortion on the internet, which will now go to the Senate: “Opposition to the practice of disinformation, in particular on the Internet, of intentionally promoting errors, or intentionally putting psychological pressure on women and those close to them in the matter of abortion.”

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