BELGIUM – Hi-jacked: the minimal changes to the Belgian abortion law due to ‘political compromise’

Commentary by Carine Vrancken, LUNA Abortion Centre, Hasselt, Belgium Since mid-2016, several Belgian opposition political parties have submitted bills to change the abortion law. Some of them have been uncomplicated (take the existing text out of the penal code and put it in a civil law, without changing the content) while others have proposed a substantial change (take abortion out of the penal code, allow abortion on request up to the 20th week of pregnancy … Continued

BELGIUM – Decriminalisation bill debate concludes in the Justice Commission

The debates on taking abortion out of the Penal Code in Belgium are over, at least in the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Representatives. The hearings almost all went in the same direction: that abortion must be removed from the Penal Code. In early July, the Justice Commission will look at the issue once more and then a vote should be taken. For Karine Lalieux, the Socialist MP behind the decriminalisation bill, it would … Continued

BELGIUM – Belgium again debates removal of abortion from the Penal Code

On 20 July 2016 we reported that a member of the Ecolo (Green) Party in Belgium had tabled a bill to remove abortion from the Penal Code so that it was no longer regarded as a criminal offence, and that this was not the first attempt to do so. On 21 March 2017, we reported that there had been a rush of media stories announcing a campaign in Belgium that was variously calling for modernisation … Continued

To have the same right to abortion in Belgium as in France, is that too much to ask?

A sudden rush of media stories in February and March has announced a campaign in Belgium that is variously calling variously for modernisation of the abortion law, decriminalisation of abortion, and complete removal of abortion from the Penal Code, insisting that there is a strong majority in support in the country. The necessity for Belgian women to travel to other countries in Europe for second trimester abortion is especially condemned. L’avortement n’a pas sa place … Continued

Belgique: Le SP.A veut rendre l’avortement possible jusqu’à 20 semaines (Belgium: The SP.A, a Flemish socialist party, wants to make abortion possible up to 20 weeks)

Deux députés sp.a souhaitent porter la limite de l’avortement de douze à vingt semaines, comme c’est le cas aux Pays-Bas, rapportent mardi De Standaard et Het Nieuwsblad. Two members of the SP.A wish to bring the upper time limit for abortions from 12 to 20 weeks in Belgium, as is already the case in the Netherlands, which was reported recently in De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad.

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