IRELAND – 1080 doctors in Ireland have called for a yes vote in the referendum – with commentary

  The Irish Times reported on 12 May that 1,080 doctors from across Ireland made a public declaration of their support for repeal of the Eighth Amendment in the upcoming referendum on 25 May, saying repeal will make abortion “safe and regulated” for Irish women. Standing in front of a projection of their names, Monaghan GP Dr Ross Kelly warned the current legislation had led to a breakdown of trust between women and their doctors. … Continued

GERMANY – Medical Students for Choice call for abortion training in Germany’s medical system

  Abortion providers can be hard to find in Germany. In some cities there are none, and their number appears to be declining, while medical schools often fail to teach the procedure so crucial to women. There were around 101,200 abortions in Germany in 2017. Yet future doctor Alicia B was disturbed to find that abortion played virtually no role in her studies at Berlin’s Charité University Medical School. “In six years of studies… we … Continued

IRELAND – news and publication (May 2018)

Facebook say they have blocked all foreign advertisements about the referendum The Irish Independent reports that as of 8 May 2018, Facebook would block all advertisements related to the 8th Amendment referendum that come from advertisers outside of Ireland, in response to criticism that unaccountable foreign advertising is gaining traction in the referendum campaign. However, organisations legitimately registered in Ireland are still able to post adverts. This means that the move will not prevent adverts … Continued

BELGIUM – Belgium again debates removal of abortion from the Penal Code

On 20 July 2016 we reported that a member of the Ecolo (Green) Party in Belgium had tabled a bill to remove abortion from the Penal Code so that it was no longer regarded as a criminal offence, and that this was not the first attempt to do so. On 21 March 2017, we reported that there had been a rush of media stories announcing a campaign in Belgium that was variously calling for modernisation … Continued

UK – Royal College of Nurses survey ‘signals support’ for decriminalisation of abortion

  Members of the Royal College of Nursing have “signalled support” for removing criminal sanctions from the UK’s legislation on abortion, in the wake of a consultation. The College revealed today that the results of a UK-wide poll of their members showed 73.7% of respondents had voted in favour of removing criminal sanctions from legislation relating to abortion. Nearly 3,000 people responded to the survey, giving an overall response rate equivalent to 1% of the … Continued

ISLE OF MAN – Abortion law reform bill passed by House of Keys

Under existing Manx law, until this month, abortion was permitted only if a pregnancy was the result of rape or because of mental health concerns. In September 2016, the Campaign for Abortion Law Modernisation (CALM) was launched to advocate for the Isle of Man’s abortion law to be brought into line with the UK, as a crown dependency. A wide-ranging group of people supported their campaign, including member of parliament Dr Alex Allinson, who became … Continued

IRELAND – A round-up of the news that is pouring in from Ireland

  Fianna Fáil TD Timmy Dooley, who favours repealing the Eighth Amendment, has described as “disgusting” an anti-abortion leaflet depicting graphic scenes of fetuses, which was delivered to him in the parliament in early April in an envelope franked with a Government harp and marked freepost, without a stamp. *** A very thoughtful article, well worth reading, opens by asking: “How will you explain the abortion referendum to your children? The short answer is, I’d … Continued

EUROPEAN COMMISSION & GENERAL COURT – The General Court confirms the decision of the European Commission not to submit a legislative proposal based on the citizens’ initiative ‘One of Us’

According to the Treaty on European Union, EU citizens, not fewer than one million from at least a quarter of all Member States, may take the initiative of inviting the Commission, within the framework of its powers, to propose to the EU legislature to adopt a legal act for the purpose of implementing the Treaties (‘European citizens’ initiative’). Before being able to begin collecting the requisite number of signatures, the organisers of the initiative must … Continued

FRANCE: STOP PRESS – French High Council for Equality between Women and Men recommends a constitutional right to access contraception and abortion

The French Haut Conseil à l’Egalité entre les Femmes et les Hommes (High Council on Equality between Women and Men) is an independent, national consultative body charged with the protection of the rights of women and the promotion of equality between the sexes. It was created in 2013 and is composed of 72 members representing the diversity of individuals who support gender equality. Their remit is to share their expertise with the public authorities, involve … Continued

ENGLAND – Abortion clinic buffer zone imposed by Ealing Council in London

A 100m buffer zone will be created around the Marie Stopes Clinic in west London to stop vigils being held outside the building and harassment and bullying of women and staff entering and leaving the clinic. One source has said a fine would also be charged for an offence. More than 300 people wrote to the council describing the pro-life protesters as “intimidating and harassing”. The London Borough of Ealing’s Council unanimously voted to implement … Continued

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