African refugee on Nauru taken by Australia to Papua New Guinea for abortion

Original story by Bianca Hall 15 April 2016 A young African woman, accepted as a refugee on the Pacific island of Nauru, known as S99, was in the midst of a violent epileptic seizure when she was set upon and raped on Nauru. She was semi-conscious during the rape and is unable to identify her attacker. Now, she is nine weeks pregnant and desperate to have an abortion. Since the rape, she has attempted suicide, … Continued

High School Feminist Meet-up: New Zealand

by Terry Bellamak In October, a group of secondary school-age feminists decided to host a big meetup in Wellington. They hailed from Wellington High, Samuel Marsden, and Wellington Girls East (Femin-Easts is their club’s name). Their purpose was to discuss gender inequality and how they could get involved. They invited speakers from across the spectrum of feminist organisations, including Wellington Rape Crisis, feminist groups from Victoria University, and the Abortion Law Reform Association of NZ. … Continued

AUSTRALIA: #Sept28 Rally to Launch the #end12 Campaign

It is time to unite, rally and have our voices heard. Speakers: Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Spokesperson for Women Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Greens NSW Spokesperson for the Status of Women Lee Rhiannon, Senator for NSW as they launched the #end12 campaign.The #end12 campaign is calling for the end of Division 12 of the NSW Crimes Act that criminalises abortion, and for the enactment of protection zones around clinics to ensure the safety of patients … Continued

Focus on abortion providers, including medical students

Archive newsletter – August 2015 AUSTRALIA   “Papaya Workshops”- A reflection from a medical student participant at the Children by Choice Conference, 2015 by Tessa Moody, 6th year medical student, Adelaide University 16 June 2015   It was an insightful and empowering experience to be involved in the “Papaya Workshop” – a hands-on activity designed to educate medical students and practitioners about manual vacuum aspiration and D&C as safe termination techniques. The session was led … Continued

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