USA – Two articles in Social Science & Medicine

Emotions and decision rightness over five years following an abortion: an examination of decision difficulty and abortion stigma by Corinne H Rocca, Goleen Samari, Diana G Foster, Heather Gould, Katrina Kimport Social Science & Medicine 2020(January); Article 112704 Abstract Background – Despite weak theoretical grounding and ample research indicating women feel high levels of decision rightness and relief post-abortion, claims that abortion is inherently stressful and causes emergent negative emotions and regret undergirds state-level laws regulating abortion … Continued


Last week, a South Carolina state senator tabled a bill that the author of this article says every pro-choice lawmaker in the US should copy. It says that if the state wants to ban abortion, it should have to pay all of the costs of birthing and raising children born as a result. SB 928 says that anyone forced to give birth against their will would be acting as a gestational surrogate for the state – labour for which they should be compensated.

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