USA – The new fight for abortion access, by mail

According to a Reuters-reviewed study, 43% of all abortions managed in 2014 by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading abortion provider, are medical abortions (that is, non-surgical). Because the US Food & Drug Administration has placed a REMS (Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies) designation on one of the drugs (mifepristone), however, it can only be legally obtained in person from a specially licensed abortion provider, rather than through a pharmacy or in the mail. But a clinical trial using … Continued

USA – Self-managed medication abortion: expanding the available options for US abortion care

Self-managed abortion is not a new phenomenon, but many long-standing biases and Instead, many forward-looking thinkers—including providers, researchers and advocates—are working toward a future in which everyone seeking abortion care has access to the full range of safe and effective options, including self-managed methods. In this scenario, all who opt to pursue self-management would have access to the information they need and to a provider of their choice if they need or want one at any stage.

LANGUAGE OF ABORTION – “Without any indication”: stigma and a hidden curriculum within medical students’ discussion of elective abortion

The term “elective” enables the creation and perpetuation of abortion stigma, and contributes to a hidden curriculum for abortion training in medical education that distracts from core content, incorporates social judgment of patients into medical practice, and promotes normative gender concepts.

USA – A letter in response to the podcast: “The Good in the Other, the Doubt in Ourselves”

On 4 October 2018, Hanna Neuschwander wrote to Frances Kissling in response to Frances’ podcast of that title. This is her letter: Hi Frances, You don’t know me, but I felt compelled to write to you after listening to the recent episode of On Being that you recorded (“What Is Good in the Position of the Other?”). I can’t tell you how much this episode meant to me. As I listened to it, I felt … Continued

USA – A roadmap for research on self-managed abortion in the United States

Media coverage and research data show a growing awareness of the option to self-manage abortion outside of the formal health care system. Many people also recognise that facility-based provision of medical abortion in the USA is overly medicalised. This publication is a forward-looking research agenda focused on self-managed and de-medicalised abortion in the United States. It seeks to support people who self-manage abortion to do so safely and to generate critical evidence to remove unnecessary … Continued

USA – Trump administration again claims authority to force undocumented migrant teenagers to continue unwanted pregnancies

The Trump administration is again claiming authority to block access to abortions sought by undocumented immigrants under age 18 who are in “custody”. The Justice Department actually argued before a federal appeals court that the government “has a strong, legitimate and profound interest in the life of the child in the womb”. Brigitte Amiri, who is with the American Civil Liberties Union and is the lawyer for the young women, said that federal efforts to … Continued

USA / Texas -‘Abortion is self-care’: billboard addressed to black women

A pro-choice billboard was recently put up by the Afiya Center in Dallas that says: ‘Black women take care of themselves by taking care of their families’. In response, an anti-abortion group put up a billboard that claimed abortion was not healthcare, hurts women and murders their babies. So the Afiya Center put up the billboard above and wrote: “We believe the only people who can make decisions about women’s bodies are women themselves… Our … Continued

USA – Fewer than 0.2% of US doctors offer abortion services: meet the new guard trying to improve access for all

A sign in the hotel lobby read: “There are no events scheduled for today. Please enjoy your day!” Meanwhile, upstairs, a significant portion of America’s current and future abortion providers were eating breakfast. The fake-out sign was one of multiple security measures. But the atmosphere at the Medical Students for Choice national conference hummed with energy as 450+ medical students (the vast majority women in their early 20s) tried to absorb as much information as … Continued

USA and A WAR-TORN COUNTRY – Abortion: Stories from doctors and patients

The Story Collider has featured a number of personal abortion stories on their website from a June 2018 show in New York City. They’re too long to reproduce in full here, but it’s well worth reading them to the end. Here are excerpts from two of them: Jacey Powers – an actress and a writer, a stand-up and a storyteller from New York City. There was a lot going on when this whole thing happened. … Continued

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