Canadian judge bars inappropriate anti-abortion advertisements on public buses

City officials in Grande Prairie, in northwest Alberta province, rejected a confrontational advertisement for the side of the city’s municipal buses, which led to a two-year court battle between the anti-abortion group claiming the right to freedom of expression against the city’s authority to decide what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for putting on the side of their municipal buses.

The abortion pill must be available from pharmacies in Canada, according to specialists

According to Dr Wendy Thomas, a family doctor, and Prof Judith A Soon, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of British Colombia, the federal government must allow pharmacists to prescribe the abortion pill to ensure safe and equitable access for women across Canada.

Cost-effectiveness review that would allow the cost of medical abortion pills to be covered by Canadian provinces to go ahead

Celopharma Inc, the company that is bringing the combined abortion pill package of mifepristone+misoprostol to Canada is going ahead with a crucial cost-effectiveness review by the Common Drug Review (CDR) that could clear the way for provincial drug plans to cover the CAN $300 cost of the medication, according to Health Canada.

Trudeau government removes restriction on international development funds being used for abortion services

The Justin Trudeau government has removed a restriction that prevented federal foreign aid dollars being used for abortion services in other countries. The government of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper had committed billions in Canadian funds for its global maternal, child and newborn health, but banned use of Canadian government money to provide abortion services.

The Minister for the Status of Women has expressed support for protecting access to abortion clinics in Quebec but the Minister for International Development has not earmarked development funding for safe abortion

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Canada has announced millions of dollars in funding for UNFPA’s work, but no funds have been earmarked for safe abortion care in developing countries. International aid for safe abortion care was banned in 2010 by the previous conservative government and strongly denounced by opposition.

Prince Edward Island, faced with possible lawsuit, has decided to start providing abortions

The Canadian province Prince Edward Island is to open a new reproductive health centre and start providing abortion, after heavy pressure and threat of lawsuit. Access to abortion varies across Canada, but Prince Edward Island has been the only province where abortion has been unavailable.

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