NOVA SCOTIA – MLAs from all parties voice their support for a bill to restrict anti-abortion protests

A bill aimed at restricting anti-abortion protests in Nova Scotia received wide support in the legislature in the first days of March 2020, with many members sharing emotional and heartfelt speeches in favour of a woman’s right to access reproductive health care, free from harassment or intimidation. “In my own life, this is a really resonant issue,” said NDP MLA Claudia Chender, who tabled the bill Tuesday. The Nova Scotia NDP is calling on the … Continued


Gynuity Health Projects writes: As part of our effort to improve access to abortion care, especially among populations who may face barriers, we recently launched the Spanish version of our TelAbortion website. Both the English and Spanish versions can be accessed at The project has sites at Planned Parenthood and other family planning centres in ten US states: Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Washington. A TelAbortion involves all … Continued

TURNAWAY STUDY – Landmark research debunks common anti-abortion claims

Despite the anti-abortion onslaught in the USA, experts in the field are also making major strides, including landmark research on abortion outcomes over time, which debunks numerous common anti-abortion claims. In January, researchers at the University of California, San Francisco’s Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) centre published the third and final paper based on their ground-breaking Turnaway Study, which tracked the experiences of 1,000 women who either received an abortion or were denied … Continued

IPAS WEBINAR – Sustainable Woman-Centred Abortion Care: A Framework for the Future

This webinar opens a critical conversation on how different actors all play a role in the sustainability of abortion care. It presents a framework on how different actors can work together by analysing the specific conditions at country level that need to be addressed. The framework recognizes that sustainable abortion care is dynamic and requires new thinking, new ways of collaborating, and new approaches to meeting challenges that are country-specific. WATCH AND LISTEN AT: … Continued

DR WILLIE PARKER – The abortion doctor and his accuser: What does it mean to take women’s claims of sexual assault seriously?

Katha Pollitt, widely respected US feminist journalist, writes: “Until March 25, 2019, Dr Willie Parker was a highly respected and much-loved abortion provider in Alabama, the celebrated author of a best-selling book, Life’s Work, in which he defended abortion from a Christian perspective, and a frequent, charismatic speaker and honoree at pro-choice conferences and events. An imposing middle-aged black man who grew up poor in Alabama, he was the movement’s rock star. That all changed … Continued

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