CHILE – Two of the presentations to the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the abortion law

Lidia Casas’ presentation: Speaking on behalf of: Asociación Nacional de Funcionarias y Funcionarios del Servicio Nacional de la Mujer; Agrupación Nacional de Empleados Fiscales; Central Unitaria de Trabajadores; y Karla Rubilar, Diputada, Cámera de Diputados, Chile

CHILE – Supreme Court approves constitutionality of the abortion law on 21 August 2:30pm: Today, women won !!!

  The ten judges of Chile’s Constitutional Court decided on 18 August to postpone their final judgement on the constitutionality of the abortion law passed by the Congress to decriminalize abortion on three grounds. But yesterday, in the afternoon, they … Continued

Chile – The abortion bill has been passed after 28 years of criminalisation!

On 3 August, the Chilean Congress passed the abortion bill into law. Claudia Dides of Miles Chile has declared today “a day of dignity, respect and freedom honouring all the women who since 1989 were prosecuted, stigmatised, humiliated or killed for … Continued

Chilean Senators try to alter the text of the abortion bill for and against safe abortion

A news report on 1 April revealed that several anti-abortion Senators have sought to modify the ground of risk of the woman’s life, to say that “all legitimate medical practice to save the life of the mother that, as a … Continued

STOP PRESS: Chilean Constitutional Commission agrees to send the abortion bill to the full Senate!!!

Following a vote today, 17 January, in the Constitutional Commission of the Chilean Senate, the fantastic news is: the abortion bill was approved by the Commission by a vote of three in favour and 2 against. It can now be taken to the floor of the full Senate.

Vote in Constitutional Commission of the Senate on Chilean abortion bill currently scheduled for 16 January

On 15 December 2016, CNN reported that the Constitutional Commission of the Chilean Senate had decided that the bill to decriminalise abortion on three grounds – risk to the woman’s life, rape and fatal fetal anomaly – could be sent to the floor of the Senate for a final vote on 10 January 2017. But the vote did not happen that day.

MILES (Movement for Sexual and Reproductive Rights) denounces the detention of a Chilean woman accused of having an abortion

“This situation is inhumane. Women are treated like criminals because the State has been unable to regulate and facilitate the termination of pregnancy, even for women at risk of losing their lives by the absence of this care,” said MILES. “Instead of being helped, the woman was put in the pillory in public, without any concern about the deep psychological and physical unease that she must be feeling. This is a flagrant violation of her human rights.”

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