CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION 2, CHILE – The misrepresentation of conscientious objection as a new strategy of resistance to abortion decriminalisation 

In Chilean history, abortion for therapeutic reasons was allowed until 1989, when a complete ban on abortion was established at the end of the military regime. It was not until August 2017, 23 years after the return of democracy, that Congress decriminalised abortion on three grounds: risk to the life of the pregnant woman, rape, and cases where the fetus is non-viable. The law opened a strong debate about the scope and eligibility for the right to conscientious objection, not only for an individual, but also on an institutional basis.

CHILE – In defence of women: anti-gender campaigns and abortion in Chile

A blog, by Lieta Vivaldi discussing the anti-gender phenomenon in Chile, which has commonalities but also particularities with other countries of Latin America and also Europe. It explores the ways in which the attack toward ‘gender ideology’ have impacted upon the abortion debate and the implementation of the legislation in Chile, discussing some of the challenges feminist activists are facing today with regards the monitoring of the law and the fight for free abortion.

CHILE – Constitutional Court strikes down one part of the 2017 abortion regulations

By a vote of 8-2 on 13 December 2018, Chile’s Constitutional Court struck down a portion of the Regulation on Conscientious Objection of the Law on Abortion that prohibited private hospitals and clinics to refuse to perform abortions on grounds … Continued

CHILE – Aborto en Chile

This publication reports on all maternal deaths in Chile 2000-2015; convictions for the crime of abortion: 158 women, 58 men in 2007-2017, but the numbers fell a lot from 2014; number of women (total 394) who had legal abortions from September 2017 through 16 June 2018; extent of conscientious objection by health service district, profession and legal ground for abortion; numbers of women who accepted offer of psychosocial accompaniment; and details of three new bills liberalising the law that have been tabled in April, May and August.

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