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This publication reports on all maternal deaths in Chile 2000-2015; convictions for the crime of abortion: 158 women, 58 men in 2007-2017, but the numbers fell a lot from 2014; number of women (total 394) who had legal abortions from September 2017 through 16 June 2018; extent of conscientious objection by health service district, profession and legal ground for abortion; numbers of women who accepted offer of psychosocial accompaniment; and details of three new bills liberalising the law that have been tabled in April, May and August.

CHILE – Triple stabbing at Chile abortion rights rally sparks outcry and commitment to continue

Human rights activists and feminist groups have expressed shock and anger after hooded attackers tried to stop the march and attacked three women at a huge rally in support of safe, legal abortion on 25 July in Santiago. One of the women was wounded in the abdomen and two others in the legs. A policeman was also hurt in the incident. “With the huge power and size that the feminist movement is reaching,” says the … Continued

CHILE  – Liberal Party of Chile planning a new abortion law reform bill, inspired by Argentina

In response to the success in June 2018 in passing a liberal law on abortion in the lower house of the Argentina Congress, the Commission on Gender of the Liberal Party of Chile has said the party will table another law reform bill which will allow abortion on broader grounds than the law passed in Chile last year. While a new bill may have little or no chance of success in the short run, the … Continued

CHILE – Gynuity collaborates with the National Abortion Federation and Chilean Ministry of Health to train abortion providers in Chile

As part of a joint project to support the introduction of legal abortion services in Chile, Gynuity and the National Abortion Federation (NAF) have been assisting the Chilean Ministry of Health (MINSAL) in training multidisciplinary teams of obstetrician-gynaecologists, midwives, social workers, and psychologists in medical abortion care and manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) for first and second trimester abortions. Since December 2017, MINSAL has conducted more than 20 three-day trainings in seven regional hospitals nationwide. NAF … Continued

CHILE – Legal abortions in Chile since the new law was passed, and response to political pushback

According to the Chilean Ministry of Health, between September 2017 and March 2018, there have been 111 legal abortions – 50 on grounds of risk to the woman’s life, 35 due to fatal fetal anomalies, and 26 following rape. There were also, of course, many more abortions which did not take place within the health care system. But this is a start!! On 27-28 April, Miles Chile trained 25 health professionals from 10 hospitals and … Continued

Chile- Mobilisation against restrictions on the new abortion law

  In Chile, the feminist movement is mobilising to defend the new abortion law and ensure that access to legal abortion services becomes a reality for the women who need them. However, in March, soon after the new government took power, although they had said they would not attempt to withdraw the law, the new Minister of Health Santelices moved quickly to modify the regulations for implementing the law that had been adopted under Michelle … Continued

CHILE – National elections deliver right-wing president-elect and two key ministers opposed to 2017 abortion law reform

The Guardian reports that: “Chile’s president-elect, the billionaire businessman Sebastian Piñera, has unveiled a new hardline cabinet, including prominent conservative figures and some politicians once closely aligned with the Pinochet dictatorship.” They go on to report: “The new ministerial lineup is dominated by men in their 60s. None of the most senior positions will go to women, who will head just seven out of the 23 ministries… The new minister for women and gender equality, … Continued

CHILE – Two of the presentations to the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the abortion law

Lidia Casas’ presentation: Speaking on behalf of: Asociación Nacional de Funcionarias y Funcionarios del Servicio Nacional de la Mujer; Agrupación Nacional de Empleados Fiscales; Central Unitaria de Trabajadores; y Karla Rubilar, Diputada, Cámera de Diputados, Chile

CHILE – Supreme Court approves constitutionality of the abortion law on 21 August 2:30pm: Today, women won !!!

  The ten judges of Chile’s Constitutional Court decided on 18 August to postpone their final judgement on the constitutionality of the abortion law passed by the Congress to decriminalize abortion on three grounds. But yesterday, in the afternoon, they approved all three grounds in the law, despite less certainly  over the ground of rape, which had generated more controversy.   Women’s rights groups, concerned about the delay last week, held three days of peaceful … Continued

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