Argentina – Victory is announced in the street: 14 June – una jornada histórica

What more is there to say!!! We await first-hand reports and an outline of the final text of the bill as agreed in the House of Deputies. It is not yet law, however. The bill has to go to the upper chamber of the Congress, date to be arranged. But meanwhile, we can only repeat again and again our heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved. What a fabulous victory!!! In Paraguay, however, we are very disturbed … Continued


The debate has lasted 23 hours.

Congratulations!! Venceremos!!! Yes for law reform, abortion on request up to 14 weeks, 131 in favour, opposed 123. WE’VE WON!!! Now there are several more clauses, e.g. legal grounds after 14 weeks. The debate on these continues. We will report more tomorrow..

ARGENTINA – Abortion bill debate set for 13 June 2018

The photograph is from Buenos Aires, taken from a helicopter above the national congress building of the #NiUnaMenos demonstration. #NiUnaMenos was started on 3 June 2017 after yet another adolescent girl was killed by her boyfriend. Now it is closely linked to the abortion rights campaign. There were some 160,000 people on the demonstration, all holding up the green scarf of the national campaign for safe, legal, free abortion. The weeks of statements to the … Continued

ARGENTINA – National demonstrations for 28 May & international solidarity petition gains hundreds of signatures

Starting on 21 May, the Campaign began to circulate a petition from Argentina to express support on the part of the international community for the comprehensive and democratic debate that is currently taking place in the four Commissions of the Argentinian Congress, and will lead to debate and a vote in June. The letter said we sincerely hope that the members of the Congress will vote in favour of the bill put forward by the … Continued

ARGENTINA – Debates, Campaign organising and Open discussions

Monitoreo del debate sobre legalización del aborto en Argentina (Monitoring the debate on legalisation of abortion: the first 2 weeks) by Equipo Latinoamericana de Justicia y Género (ELA), Red de Acceso al Aborto Seguro (REDAAS), y Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES)   Week 1: 10 & 12 April 34 statements in favour of law reform 35 statements against   Week 2: 17 & 19 April 44 statements in favour of law reform … Continued

Legitimar decisiones reproductivas: un gesto a favor de la libertad y la dignidad

by Agustina Ramón Michel, Silvina Ramos, Mariana Romero Perfil, 18 March 2018   El debate sobre la despenalización y legalización del aborto llega al Congreso en un escenario auspicioso: el tema se instaló, una amplia mayoría de personas escuchó noticias y más de la mitad conoce sobre el inminente debate legislativo. Se apoyan las causales de aborto legal del Código Penal y poco más de la mitad de las personas está de acuerdo con el … Continued

ARGENTINA – What’s been happening since the abortion law reform bill was tabled

The tabling of the bill drafted by the Campaña por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito took place on 6 March in the lower House of the Argentine Congress. Mariana Romero of Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES) writes: “I was inside the Chamber that day. There were 116 representatives at the ‘informative session’ in which the process of consideration of this bill and several others that were tabled at the … Continued

ARGENTINA – Opinion poll shows 59% of Argentinians in favour of abortion law reform; three Congressional committees will begin debate on 20 March 2018

On 20 March, members of three different committees in the Chamber of Deputies of the national Congress will start deliberations on abortion law reform. Along with the bill tabled by the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion, which takes abortion out of the criminal law and allows abortion on a range of grounds and was endorsed by 71 Deputies, other proposals tabled will also be discussed. The National Campaign is … Continued

ARGENTINA – BREAKING NEWS!!! Buenos Aires: pro-choice march today as abortion bill is debated in the Congress

VIDEO, Ruptly TV, 6 March 2018   The video above is from today, 6 March, 17:30 pm, Buenos Aires time. Earlier today, around 70 members of all political stripes of the lower house of the Argentine Congress presented a bill to legalise abortion. The bill is thought to have a good chance in the lower house but is expected to meet more resistance in the upper house. Well, we shall see!! For details of the … Continued

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