CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION 1, ARGENTINA – Re-thinking the use of conscientious objection by health professionals: A regulatory proposal based on legal abortion practices in Argentina

Based on legal abortion practices in Argentina, this paper proposes language for the regulation of conscientious objection within public policy. This proposal is empirically informed, based on a review of comparative legal studies and a conceptual framework that considers regulatory needs, gaps in public policy and the everyday experiences of women, healthcare teams and health authorities.

ARGENTINA- Constitutional dialogues and abortion law reform in Argentina: what’s next?

In 2018, constitutional dialogue about abortion spread outwards from the agenda of a growing but not massive number of feminist groups; professionalized NGOs; networks of teachers, social workers, journalists, health providers and lawyers. The debate finally reached the most popular TV shows and every media outlet, the tables of millions of households, and the national Congress.

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