MEXICO – Two Supreme Court judgments in one week support legal abortion following rape

  “Marimar” was 17 years old when she was raped and became pregnant. She reported the crime to the authorities in Morelos, Mexico, where she lived, and requested an abortion. The prosecutor’s office sent her to the hospital. Although abortion is legal on grounds of rape in Mexico, the bioethics committee at Cuernavaca General Hospital where she sought help kept her in the hospital for two weeks, eventually denying her an abortion. In 2016 “Fernanda” … Continued

CHILE – Legal abortions in Chile since the new law was passed, and response to political pushback

According to the Chilean Ministry of Health, between September 2017 and March 2018, there have been 111 legal abortions – 50 on grounds of risk to the woman’s life, 35 due to fatal fetal anomalies, and 26 following rape. There were also, of course, many more abortions which did not take place within the health care system. But this is a start!! On 27-28 April, Miles Chile trained 25 health professionals from 10 hospitals and … Continued

ARGENTINA – Debates, Campaign organising and Open discussions

Monitoreo del debate sobre legalización del aborto en Argentina (Monitoring the debate on legalisation of abortion: the first 2 weeks) by Equipo Latinoamericana de Justicia y Género (ELA), Red de Acceso al Aborto Seguro (REDAAS), y Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad (CEDES)   Week 1: 10 & 12 April 34 statements in favour of law reform 35 statements against   Week 2: 17 & 19 April 44 statements in favour of law reform … Continued

BRAZIL – A feminist robot on Facebook

Perhaps the most creative and innovative response to the various rollbacks on women’s reproductive rights in recent times in Brazil has been Beta, a feminist robot on Facebook, created by Nossas, a national network of citizens’ rights organisations across Brazil. Before Beta was even formally launched on Facebook, “she” organically accumulated 10,000 likes through word of mouth and peer recommendations. Beta works through the Facebook inbox function, and informs everybody who agrees to receive her … Continued

EL SALVADOR – 20-year-old faces prison after giving birth to her stepfather’s baby in a latrine

A year ago today, Imelda gave birth in the latrine at her family’s small, one-room home with curtains for dividers in a small community. She said she did not know she was about to give birth; instead, she told her lawyer, she “felt something come loose”. She screamed for help, fainted and started to haemorrhage. Her mother took her to the local public hospital, where they saw that she had given birth. She was pregnant, she … Continued

ECUADOR – A case of censorship on Facebook

Las Comadres Ecuador writes: On 2 April 2018 our fanpage of Las Comadres, a network that accompanies women who seek safe abortion, was taken down from Facebook. We have carried out the relevant procedures in collaboration with organisations that work on the issue of digital rights and the page was reinstated a week later. The reason given for taking down the page is the same one as has been used in the past – that … Continued

JAMAICA – Experts urge repeal of 19th century abortion law

A group of experts in human rights in patient care attending the Jamaica Observer Monday Exchange on 10 April, in anticipation of the International Day for Maternal Health and Rights on 11 April, urged legislators to repeal sections of the 1864 Offences Against the Person Act which prevent Jamaican women from legally terminating pregnancies. “Unsafe abortion accounts for the third leading cause of maternal death. And why this is important is that maternal deaths and … Continued

LATIN AMERICA – Mifepristona y Misoprostol en seis países de América Latina: procesos de registro y disponibilidad

  (Mifepristone and misoprostol in six countries in Latin America: details of registration, approved uses and availability) by Mariana Romero, Ruth Zurbriggen (in Spanish)   CLACAI, January 2017 – Full PDF   This 66-page report provides information on: (a) the details of registration and approved uses of misoprostol and mifepristone in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Uruguay (b) the extent of compliance with the registration requirements and approved uses as set out by the countries’ … Continued

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