MEXICO – Posicionamiento de Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir ante las recientes declaraciones del Papa Francisco sobre las mujeres que abortan

Lamentamos profundamente sus recientes declaraciones sobre el aborto. Aunque desde el inicio de su pontificado no esperábamos que cambiara su postura al respecto, teníamos la esperanza de que fuera más comprensivo con los millones de mujeres que se encuentran en el dilema de interrumpir o continuar con un embarazo y con aquellas que, en medio de un profundo conflicto moral, lo interrumpieron por ser resultado de una violación o por experimentar violencia o situaciones económicas difíciles en sus hogares.

CLACAI DOCUMENTARY – Genero bajo Ataque (Gender under Attack)

This documentary portrays the way in which attacks against a twisted concept of “gender ideology” in four countries are being used to gain political power by right-wing conservative politicians supported by conservatives in the Catholic and evangelical churches.

MEXICO – Capturing compassion: a survey of Mexican Catholics assessing abortion support by reason for abortion and degree of Catholicism

The main reasons women need abortion are precisely those with low support among Mexican Catholics. Focusing on nuanced measures of Catholicism can help us identify areas for shared values and frame messaging to meet the diversity of Catholic opinion. Catholicism is not an unsurmountable barrier to liberalization of abortion law.


A few days after thousands of women took to the streets of Mexico City to demand the decriminalisation of abortion on International Safe Abortion Day, the party PRD put the issue on the table of the Mexica Congress. Senator Leonor Noyola, with support from her caucus, presented a bill that seeks to add three new paragraphs to Article 1 of the Mexican Constitution. Article 1 currently recognises the human rights of all Mexicans and the … Continued

JAMAICA – Health Minister calls for compassion for women who seek abortion and announces that the Ministry is developing a sexual and reproductive health policy

  On 8 June 2018, we reported that on 5 June Member of Parliament Julia Cuthbert-Flynn had tabled a motion in the Jamaican parliament calling for a debate on the law that criminalises abortion. In fact, she also tabled a private member’s bill the next day calling for the sections criminalising abortion in the Offences against the Person Act to be removed and replaced with civil law. On 6 June Nationwide Radio JM reported that … Continued

GUATEMALA – Two laws addressing abortion tabled in Congress

Guatemalan legislators began debate on 4 September 2018 on two bills proposing abortion law reform: one looking to widen the law and the other to toughen it. Currently, abortion is only allowed if the woman’s life is in danger. The bill, sponsored by the leftist Convergencia opposition party, aimed to allow girls aged 14 or under who have been victims of sexual abuse to have an abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The … Continued

28 September Reports and Articles in the Media

International Safe Abortion Day 2018 received unprecedented attention from media around the world, from countries as diverse as New Zealand, Venezuela, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Croatia. Some countries, like Ireland, India and South Africa generated more media attention than others – and it’s important to flag that since we collected reports in English, but are missing reports in other languages. This is the second year that we have collected media reports on and about the 28 … Continued

FEATURE: BRAZIL – Supreme Court of Brazil: Public Hearing on the Decriminalization of Abortion

On August 3rd and 6th 2018, the Supreme Court of Brazil held a Public Hearing on ADPF 442/2017[1], a juridical instrument that challenges the constitutionality of the articles in the 1940 Penal Code that criminalize abortion. This challenge was presented to the Supreme Court in March 2017.

JAMAICA – Abortion attitudes, training and experiences among medical students in Jamaica, West Indies

by G Matthews, N Benfield, J Atrio   Contraception October 2018;98(4):341-42  DOI:   In an anonymous online cross-sectional survey among medical students at the University of West Indies, among 1,404 medical students (42.5% female, 54.7% very religious), 64% had a positive attitude toward abortion. Attitudes were favourably affected by a personal or family experience with abortion, identification as non-religious, and being of older age and mixed race. Some 78.8% reported no abortion training and … Continued

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