Statement on the planned restrictions on the availability of ulipristal acetate emergency contraception pills in Poland

“The Polish Minister of Health recently announced the plan to restrict access to emergency contraception which became freely available in pharmacies as a result of a European Commission ruling last year. The planned restrictions would greatly impede the lives of women and girls and contribute to the sales of this product from unsafe sources and also cause a rise in the number of unplanned pregnancies and abortions.”

The battle over abortion is far from over in Poland

On 4 November, the Polish Parliament adopted a new project. They called it “For Life” (“Za Życiem”) and claimed it was targeting “difficult pregnancies”. What it is really about is offering pregnant women carrying a seriously disabled or unviable fetus … Continued

Abortion law in Poland: Pro-death, no future

On Thursday, while protesting at a demonstration organized by Razem (Together Party), I met a lot of mothers with babies in buggies and gondolas, and toddlers and slightly older children in strollers, with pre-school kids marching holding hands. We were all protesting, because we understand a bit more and we have experienced more than men in suits currently debating in the Parliament. We’ve been through these medical procedures, the lengthy process of waiting and delivering the baby, breastfeeding and lulling to sleep. Were the bill passed, the parliament members would turn out to be people without elementary medical knowledge, without empathy, without mothers, wives and daughters. Or simply heartless people.

The battle over abortion rights in Poland is not over: national strike called for 24 October

The government party, PiS, is working on its own abortion bill, which is likely to propose that so-called “eugenic abortions” – abortions on the grounds of fetal congenital anomaly – to be outlawed. Given that 1,000 of the 1,044 legal abortions in Poland in 2015 were permitted on these grounds, such a law would still result in a virtual ban on abortion.

“This victory on abortion has empowered Polish women – we’ll never be the same.” (Krystyna Kacpura, 6 October 2016)

Our congratulations to the women of Poland for the brilliant decision to call a national strike on 3 October, in which between 30,000 and 100,000 people, according to different reports, took to the streets to protest the threatened ban on abortion: the government couldn’t ignore you any longer.

Women’s Dignity March in Warsaw: 18 June 2016

The situation of women in Poland continues to deteriorate. The “Stop Abortion” civic committee succeeded in submitting a draft law introducing a complete ban on abortion and a new category into the criminal code – “prenatal murder”, which will introduce a penalty of 3–5 years in prison for women, doctors and anyone helping a woman to have an abortion.

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