CROATIA – Movement to stop violence against women in hospitals

Ivana Nincevic Lesandric, member of Parliament from the centre-right MOST party shared a personal story in Parliament of having had an abortion after a miscarriage in a Croatian hospital, which revived a public debate on the state of women’s health care. She said doctors had tied her hands and legs before doing an extremely painful curettage to remove tissue from her uterus without anesthesia. She said the conditions were “from the 15th century” and the … Continued

Public debate with medical professionals and civil society on abortion law and Members of the European Parliament visit Croatia

The Center for Education, Counseling and Research (CESI), a feminist organization working for gender equality, and the Initiative of Pro-Choice Doctors organized a public debate on 9 May entitled “Abortion law for the 21st century”, in order to emphasize that abortion should be legal, safe and accessible to all women. Croatian MEP Biljanja Borzan organised visit of members of the Socialists & Democrats group and the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) Mission … Continued

Croatian Constitutional Court reaffirms constitutionality of abortion rights

  The Constitutional Court of Croatia reaffirmed the constitutionality of access to abortion on 2 March 2017. The decision rejects claims made by conservative groups and individuals that allowing women access to abortion on request was unconstitutional. In its decision, the Court reaffirmed that women’s access to abortion is protected under their constitutional rights to liberty, personality, and privacy. The Center for Reproductive Rights and the Center for Education, Counselling and Research submitted amicus briefs … Continued

Croatia anti-abortion lobby not just peddling lies but playing with people’s lives

If a woman searches the internet in Croatia for an abortion clinic the first clinic listed on Google appears to be offering information to women, but is actually part of a nationwide campaign aimed at discouraging women from terminating their pregnancies. Unlike in France, in response to a complaint about the website by the ombudsperson for gender equality, Višnja Ljubičić, the interior ministry said in early 2016 that it had found no criminal wrongdoing.

The Constitutional Court of Croatia considering a 25-year-old call to review the law on abortion

The new president of Croatia’s Constitutional Court has started a process to assess whether the law which has allowed abortion since 1978 is constitutional. Miroslav Šeparović, president of the Court since June 2016, started with a meeting that analysed documentary materials and plans to consider the opinions of medical experts, specialists in family law, international documents, the practice of European courts, and various non-governmental organisations.

Croatian Constitutional Court to decide on abortion

by  Vedran Pavlic 26 December 2015 The Women’s Network of Croatia has announced that it expected that the Constitutional Court will not accept the proposal of the Croatian Movement for Life, filed 24 years ago, to institute proceedings to review the constitutionality of the law which allows abortion. The Women’s Network sent a letter to the president and members of the Constitutional Court after it received information that the Constitutional Court is ready to … Continued

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