POLAND – Polish anti-LGBT zones growing in power

In recent months, around 93 local councils in around 14 districts in Poland have adopted anti-LGBTI statements or resolutions. These resolutions are incompatible with the Polish Constitution and basic standards in the international human rights law that Poland has undertaken to respect. The language is scandalous: the resolutions speak of “stopping gender and LGBT ideology”, “aggressive homosexual propaganda”, “stopping homo-terror and sexualisation of social life”. These resolutions drive fear, contempt and hate towards LGBTI persons. … Continued

CROATIA – Opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) tables abortion law reform bill and calls for a commission to review anti-abortion advice centres

On 5 February 2020, SDP member of Parliament Sabina Glasovac outlined an SDP-sponsored bill on medically assisted pregnancy termination. She said that in Croatia abortion was legal, but it was neither accessible nor free. An abortion currently costs € 240-470. She said that some public hospitals did not provide abortions at all on conscience grounds. The bill envisages penalties for medical institutions that refuse to perform abortion.

POLAND – Abortion without Borders now provide information, practical support and funding

This new initiative launched on 12 December 2019 aims to help anyone in Poland who contacts them to access a safe abortion, either in Poland or abroad. The group is the result of collaboration between activist groups in four countries. Anyone who wants information about abortion can contact Kobiety W Sieci (Poland), who have more than 13 years of experience providing pregnancy options counselling, including unbiased, factual information about abortion. Any caller who wishes to … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Sixth attempt to restrict abortion law this year fails

On 5 December 2019, the Slovak parliament rejected the draft bill on abortion that would have forced women seeking abortion to have an ultrasound scan, see images of the embryo or fetus from the scan, and listen to the heartbeat. The aim was to shame them so that they would not have an abortion after all. See our report from 20 November for background. Ten days ago, more than 30 Slovak health and rights organisations … Continued

ARMENIA – International Safe Abortion Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month initiatives

On September 28 and during the following weeks, the Women’s Resource Center started a social media campaign for raising awareness on abortion issues and talked about the problems Armenian women face when it comes to taking care of their reproductive health. While we had encouraging comments and response from our mainly female audience, unfortunately, there were anti-abortion and anti-choice reactions as well. In October, which is the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, we also tried … Continued

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