INDIA: Indian Institute of Public Health, Bhubaneswar

  We are organising some small events, comprised of the following: 1) Public awareness drive through distribution of flyers and display of posters (Ipas is a partner). 2) Capturing reactions of passers-by to ‘What are your thoughts on abortion?’ and later editing into a video compilation to be uploaded in YouTube. 3) A session with public health students and faculty where abortion-related video clips will be shown followed by discussion. 4) ‘Power walk’ activity to … Continued

NEPAL: Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC)

  The Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC) will be celebrating September 28, Safe Abortion Day, with various programmes and activities. On 25 September, the Reproductive Health Rights Working Group (RHRWG), which is comprised of NGOs and INGOs, including Ipas and Center for Reproductive Rights, and in which Beyond Beijing Committee is an active member, organised a meeting for the preparation for Safe Abortion Day. We decided to take this day as an opportunity to bring the … Continued

MALAYSIA: Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW)

  Denial of access to safe and legal abortion is a form of institutional violence against women. We discussed the importance of access to safe and legal abortion and its relationship with violence against women. ARROW joined the New Tactics in Human Rights community for an online conversation on Violence against Women: Advocating for Legal Reform, as a Conversation Leader. ARROW facilitated a discussion on Wednesday the 28th of September as part of the Global Day of Action for Access to … Continued

Thailand: Hypocrisy holds back use of abortion pills

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Here’s the good news about women’s health in Thailand as the world marks International Safe Abortion Day Wednesday: safe, easy and legal abortions are finally a reality here. And they’re also free. Here’s the bad news: It’s still very difficult for women to get medication abortion services from state hospitals.

No evidence that unsafe abortion cases are on the rise in Nepal

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On 11 September 2016, the Himalayan Times published an article making a series of claims that were very problematic, while offering no evidence for its claims. Awareness-raising sessions with journalists that provide them with accurate and evidence-based information and share ideas about how to investigate and report experiences like these in a critical way can help to influence and inform public thinking.

Myanmar: Providing safe, illegal abortions is a ‘karmic balance’

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In Myanmar, most people practice Theravada Buddhism, which says life starts at conception. Still, studies suggest an estimated 250,000 Burmese women get illegal abortions each year. It’s a leading cause of maternal death in Myanmar. While contraceptives are available, they can be difficult to obtain, particularly for poor women and women living in rural areas.

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