Why we need to bridge the gap between sex workers’ movements and abortion rights activism

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Barriers to sex workers’ reproductive freedom – including means and access to prevent pregnancy, options to terminate pregnancy, and the choice and resources to raise children – haven’t been thoroughly explored because sexual and reproductive health and rights have been applied in a limited fashion to sex workers. It is telling that the majority of studies concerning FSWs in the Global South address their sexual health but narrowly, focusing on prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS… Most outreach to sex workers does not seriously consider their sexual autonomy or reproductive lives, part of an implicit marginalising of FSWs even among activists, leading them to classify FSWs as a separate category at arm’s length from “other” women.

INDIA: Campaign against stigma and shame associated with abortion

CREA in collaboration with Youth Ki Awaaz has launched an online campaign #AbortTheStigma to address the stigma and shame associated with abortion in India. This 3 month online campaign culminated on 28 Sept. They published blogs, personal essays, comics and illustrations on working to eradicate stigma and the importance of a woman’s choice, and publicised an information hotline for young people on sexual and reproductive health, violence, consent and relationships. “The issue of abortion and … Continued

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