Improving access to safe abortion in a rural primary care setting in India

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Background: Abortion services were legalized in India in 1972, however, the access to safe abortion services is restricted, especially in rural areas. In 2002, medical abortion using mifepristone- misoprostol was approved for termination of pregnancy, however, its use has been limited in primary care settings.

Home use of misoprostol for early medical abortion in a low-resource setting in India

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Although home use of misoprostol for early medical abortion is considered to be safe, effective and feasible, it has not become standard service delivery practice [in India]. The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of home use of misoprostol as compared to clinic misoprostol in a low-resource setting.

Indian Health Ministry proposes several amendments to the abortion law

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At present, the law on abortion in India recognises failure of contraceptive as a legal reason for abortion only if the woman is married. The national Health Ministry has proposed to allow single women to opt for abortion in cases of unplanned pregnancies, a move aimed to allow single women to exercise their reproductive rights.

“The mother of all frauds”: cheating pregnant women using ultrasound scans in India

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In Rajasthan, unscrupulous medical practitioners, looking to make quick money, have been caught duping pregnant women to undergo abortions after telling them that they were carrying a girl child despite the fetus being male. This has been discovered in several cases through women posing as patients in decoy operations.

Jindal-Ipas joint consultation deliberates on abortion for under-18s in India

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Ms Medha Gandhi, Director-Policy, Ipas Development Foundation, India, said, “We hear incidents where women especially minor girls are denied safe abortion services very often quoting reporting requirements under POCSO as being very complicated. If she is denied access at a public facility or approved private facility, she is likely to reach a backstreet provider who in all likelihood is not going to provide safe abortion services, since most of these backstreet service providers are not trained and equipped for this.”

India: Public litigation judgement supports right to abortion of women prisoners and much more

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Bombay High Court rules that female prisoners have right to access abortion and extend the right to chose to many more women than before. The judgment declares that “a woman’s decision to terminate a pregnancy is not frivolous”.

Teenage girl says she was forced to undergo abortion after rape in Uttar Pradesh, India

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Just a month after the brutal gang rape in Uttar Pradesh, a teenage girl was allegedly forced to undergo abortion by the culprit’s family after being raped. The police have also started searching for the accused and have arrested the nursing home officials for doing the abortion. The state’s health department has seized the nursing home.

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