NEPAL – Identifying Barriers to Accessibility and Availability of Safe Abortion Services among Young Women in Makawanpur

Induced abortion is a global concern commonly experienced by women of reproductive age due to unintended pregnancy. Nepal legalized abortion in 2002 and started providing safe abortion services (SAS) free of cost, since 2016 from the certified government health facilities. But, more than half (58%) of the total induced abortion were reported to be done clandestinely in 2015. Young women and adolescent girls are at high risk of unwanted pregnancies that they often resort to unsafe abortion when they cannot have access to safe abortion. Lack of availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality services hinders those women to exercise safe abortion.

INDIA – Unsafe abortion and abortion-related death among 1.8 million women in India

Iby Ryo Yokoe, Rachel Rowe, Saswati Sanyal Choudhury, Anjali Rani, Farzana Zahir, Manisha Nair BMJ Global Health, 2019 May;4(3) DOI: (Open access) Abstract [adjusted odds ratios omitted, text added from main article] Introduction: Unsafe abortion is a preventable cause of maternal mortality. While studies … Continued

SEXUALITY POLICY WATCH – SexPolitics: Trends and Tensions in the 21st Century – Contextual Undercurrents

This new collection of papers edited by Sonia Corrêa and Richard Parker is the fourth publication of Sexuality Policy Watch’s most recent cycle of transnational analyses of sexual politics, begun in 2015. It comprises seven articles chartering main trends and debates at work in sexual politics in Africa, the Anglo-Caribbean Region, Europe, Latin America, post-Soviet countries as well as China and India.

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