RWANDA – Medical Students for Choice promotes knowledge among future health care providers of abortion

Medical Students for Choice is a network of over 10,000 medical students and residents around the world. In Rwanda, a 4th year medical student at the University of Rwanda recalls that since childhood, she has been hearing elders describe abortion as a crime and a taboo, and has shied away whenever the subject comes up among her peers, most of whom she says feel the same. As a result of such experiences, in 2012, a … Continued

RWANDA – Valentine’s case: an intervention in a case about criminalisation of abortion

In April 2019, the President of Rwanda granted a presidential pardon to 367 women and girls jailed for the offences of abortion, complicity in abortion and infanticide. Valentine was one of these women. Women’s Link Worldwide recently presented an amicus in Valentine’s case. She was criminalized after she gave birth because, due to complications during the delivery, the baby died. She was charged with infanticide, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. On appeal, thanks … Continued

RWANDA – Details of the Ministerial Order regulating abortion

In October 2018, the Rwandan government removed the requirement of court approval and the second doctor’s permission for a legal abortion. These changes came into effect with Ministerial Order No.002/MoH/2019 on 8 April 2019, which outlines the conditions to be satisfied for a medical doctor to be able to approve and provide abortion care – a major step forward legally. The Ministerial Order No.002/MoH/2019 of 8 April 2019, states: Determining conditions to be satisfied for … Continued

RWANDA – All 367 women in prison related to abortion/infanticide pardoned and released, but more is called for

On 4 April 2019, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda pardoned 367 people who were in prison for having or assisting in the offences of abortion or infanticide, a move that was welcomed by women’s rights activists. The women were all released on 5 April. This is the second such pardon, but this time it includes everyone in prison for these crimes, according to advocates. The first pardon, on 9 December 2016, released 62 girls and … Continued

POST-ABORTION CARE – Health Systems’ Capacity to Provide Post-Abortion Care: A Multi-Country Analysis Using Signal Functions

There are critical gaps in the provision of post-abortion care at all facilities that offer delivery services. In seven (70%) of ten countries, less than 10% of primary-level facilities could provide basic post-abortion care, and in eight (80%) of ten countries less than 40% of referral-level facilities could provide comprehensive post-abortion care. In no country could all referral facilities provide all the essential services that need to be included in basic post-abortion care.

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