SOUTH AFRICA – Abortion service providers quitting in the face of hostility from colleagues

Lack of support for abortion service providers in the public health sector in South Africa has led to an exodus of qualified people who have been trained to provide abortion services. Stigma and judgement from their colleagues have made their working conditions so difficult that many opt to leave the service rather than continue to work in a hostile environment. According to Kgaladi Mphahlele, the Doctors Without Borders’ Choice of Termination of Pregnancy Manager in … Continued

ZAMBIA – “When he asks for sex, you will never refuse”: transactional sex and adolescent pregnancy in Zambia

Pregnancy among adolescent girls in Zambia is a significant concern on its own and as a factor in school dropout and early marriage, with one‐third of girls aged 15–19 having experienced pregnancy. Using qualitative and quantitative data from the Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program, we explore transactional sex as a driver of adolescent pregnancy.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO – “Provide care for everyone please”: engaging community leaders as sexual and reproductive health advocates in North and South Kivu

Inadequate infrastructure, security threats from ongoing armed conflict, and conservative socio-cultural and gender norms that favour large families and patriarchal power structures contribute to poor sexual and reproductive health (SRH) outcomes in North and South Kivu provinces, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In order to expand contraceptive and post-abortion care (PAC) access in North and South Kivu, CARE, the International Rescue Committee and Save the Children provided technical support to the Ministry of Health and health facilities in these regions.

RAWSA MENA RAPPORT – Un meeting pour lancer le réseau régional au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord

Droit et accès des femmes à l’avortement medicalisé au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord (RAWSA MENA) Renforcement des capacités et stratégie régionale de plaidoyer en matière d’avortement médicalisé:  Un meeting pour lancer le réseau régional RAWSA MENA Hotel Le Palace, Gammarth-Tunis, Tunisia, 15-16 April 2019 Les 15 et 16 avril 2019, le Groupe Tawhida ben Cheikh, en Tunisie, a réuni 17 représentants d’ONG de huit pays du Moyen-Orient et d’Afrique du Nord (MENA) pour … Continued

NIGERIA – Not left out of the global rollback of sexual and reproductive rights

A few weeks ago, police officers conducted a raid on a Marie Stopes clinic in Lagos. They harassed patients, temporarily detained a doctor, and illegally accessed confidential documents. Immediately following this deeply unnerving attack, which came on the trail of other anti-rights incidents involving state agents, a group of Nigerian feminists, women’s rights campaigners and LGBTQI+ activists came together to ask, “what is going on?”. In the course of the digital conversation that ensued, a … Continued

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